Recently, after Solskogen finished, three other parties has been arranged. As was the case with Solskogen, groups creating Amiga demos competed in the different competitions. Here is the listings of the Amiga stuff that was released at the Syntax, the Big Floppy People, and the Euskal parties.

Big Floppy People 2007

- Appetizer by Durex (demo)
- F*** O** by Hard Boyling Boys (demo)
- Røgar som Bøgar by Keso (demo)
- Ska Cool Ska by Up Rough! (demo)

Euskal 2007

- The Persistence of Noise by Software Failure (intro)

Syntax 2007

- Loadershit by An4kir (intro)
- Random Syntax Party Demo by cTrix (demo)

If you would like to have a look at the prods, please check out the Demoscene section on for updates. We'll do our best to add the releases as soon as possible.