We might not stand much of a chance with laser pew pew, but if all else fails we still have the CHAINSAW

Crude, but oh so effective!

You're right though, we're getting inundated with fantasy, orcs and elves nowadays, but well, you can't blame 'em for trying, after the huge success of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It would be nice to see some sci-fi settings as well, like the one we got in Shadoworlds (remember that one?), or even the more RPG-like levels of Starcraft. Those were pretty awesome.

Now that I think of it, your concept might work pretty well in a survival-horror kind of game as well. Think Silent Hill, but obviously, with better controls and a faster pace. After all, your central character is the underdog, the one that is being hunted. Plenty of good scary moments to be had in a post-apocalyptic, obliterated earth teeming with unnatural freaks.