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    Rumours of revised PSP coming

    There have been rumours of a revised version of the PSP being in development at the moment and due for release later this year. These have been floating around for a few months but the price drop of the PSP this month has also helped fuel these rumours more this month.

    No one knows what the revised PSP would have compared to the original. A lot of rumours have been going around including:
    • making the screen touch sensitive. That would be quite cool considering the size of the screen.
    • Adding a six axis system similar to the PS3 which could work well and might allow it to work as a wireless controller for the PS3!
    • Dual analogue thumb sticks
    • Dual Screens (I think this one is very unrealistic and just fantasy derived from NDS ideas)
    Any truth in any of this? Who knows? We will just have to wait and see.

    Personally I think the current PSP is pretty good as it is. Maybe they could make a revised version slightly lighter, and have longer standard battery length (although running games form memory stick instead of UMD extends the battery by a lot. I can get over 7 hours on a full charge compared to around 4 or 5 when running UMDs). Maybe a faster CPU to get even better emulation possibilities, although it is already pretty fast for a handheld console and some of the PSP games have impressive 3D for a handheld too.

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    Personally I think the current PSP is pretty good as it is.
    Same opinion here, and in the end, I'm not gonna buy one anyway

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