In my opinion, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the greatest game EVER created (and that will ever be created) for any system. Perfect game play, a kick ass soundtrack, awesome 2D graphics, tons of enemies and bosses, a HUGE castle (or 2), endless powerups and secrets, and bad voice acting. I've had it since it came out and I STILL find new things in it to this day. The power-ups are great too: get 2 Rings of Varda, a God's Garb, and the Crisseagrim and you're practically unstoppable. Get the Sheild Rod and Alucard shield and you ARE unstoppable. Granted using those items make the game a total pushover, but they're not exactly easy to come by, nor are they even necessary to beat it. I remember when I first "discovered" the upside-down castle, it more or less blew my mind (simple minds huh... ) and the game instantly became my favorite. The bosses were awesome too, some of them quite hard to beat if you didn't know how to fight them. I remember that big ass lightning throwing dude took me quite a while to beat because I didn't equip the right armor and items. In short, everyone should love and revere this game as much as I do.