Odd that there's no posts in this thread since 2012?

Well, here goes . . . I bought my first Amiga in 1989 to replace my extremely anemic Apple IIGS. It was a loaded Amiga A2000HD tower with an A2286AT PC Bridgeboard—it took my friend, a network engineer, about 50 hours to get the damned thing working.

Total cost with software ran about $3,500 (I later added a Video Toaster). I purchased it through the Commodore educational discount program, and convinced an investor to put up all the cash for it to start a commercial database venture which never panned out. So, I basically got a $3,500 system for free!

In 1995 after graduating from college, I returned to television production, and sold it all to a TV producer for $1,000. I gave him all my licensed software. Since then, I've been looking for this AI software I used to own (Magellan 1.1 from Emerald Intelligence), which I finally just found, and now just bought a used Amiga A1200 from the EU to run it. Will get it in a week or so. Also pre-ordered the Apollo black-molded A1200 case and Kipper2K keyboard with black keycaps from amigaonthelake to turn it into a Vampire V4 look-alike. Very excited!