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    I have a suspicion that if you sent them back the box, but with a few rocks inside, they wouldn't notice - I reckon it all just gets trashed anyway.

    However, I'm not firm enough in that belief to test it myself.

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    Kind of like the amazon returns that just get binned or resold in bulk lots - it's cheaper for the company than actually dealing with it fully

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    I'm not convinced of that 100% either to test it.

    Such returns policies from companies such as BT and Sky are just money making schemes. Do sky still refurb old Sky boxes and send them out again? I know many years ago when I used to get a Sky engineer out for a defective box they would often swap them out for a dodgy refurb. I had this horrible Grundig box replacement once that started to smoke 10 minutes after the engineer left!

    And maybe BT do refurb their returns. Who knows. The hardware in returning was still working find and good enough for all but thy fastest speeds.

    eWaste needs investigating though. The amount of hardware scrapped every year is stupid. You can't even save anything from a dump any more either.

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