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    We lost a family member this week.

    I came home from work Wednesday to some very sad news.

    Our little cat Luna was gone. She must have been hit by a car early evening. She was found by our next door neighbour, who kindly put her in a box and let us know. Tom was really upset and still is.

    She was a lovely little cat. Very gentle and friendly to everyone. Loads of the neighbours loved her. We had owned her since 6 weeks old and she was only 3. Very sad. Our Labrador, Willow, will really miss her as they were best friends. She was the first one Luna would go to and say hello when coming in and they used to often sleep together.

    Yesterday I dug a big hole in the garden and we buried her when Tom came home from school. I've planted a Hydrangea on the spot, which is called Little Lime. It has large cone ashamed flowers that start off green, then slowly turn white through the summer and end with pink tinges. She's buried near one of her favouite spots in the garden, close to where our last two cats are buried.

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    That's sad to hear, especially for the youngsters as they are less confronted with death than us and I can only imagine how it feels.

    We never had pets at home, dog or cat, mom didn't want, I had 2 or 3 hamsters, that's it. We have in Finland though, one of each, long haired Jack Russel and the cat was basically born the first time I was in Finland in 2009, getting older, the sibling died already years ago. She's almost never in the house, comes inside to eat, then wants to leave straight away, summer or winter the same. But there's no street or cars around, very safe for a cat. Although she went once missing for 3 weeks, didn't come home, while walking with the dog, he found her, fell into some kind of silo and couldn't get out anymore, would have died inside. Was so skinny, looked quite scary, but eventually recovered well.

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    He's a grand looking boy Harrison. - You should be proud he knows these things in life.

    Pet Cemetery's in your garden explain so much about life for kids.
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