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I literally gave away my old Toshiba 29" Home Cinema TV this morning.

It's been sitting in my parents house for years, and I kind of kept it there with the plan of one day using it for retro gaming, but it was huge and heavy and I really didn't want it taking up loads of space so I finally decided to find it a new home. It was still in great condition with manual, remote surround speakers etc. I found a CRT group on Facebook and advertised it. Loads of interest, and after a few dead ends someone local to my parents has now got it.
We donated our beautiful & immaculate 42" Pioneer Plasma screen to Cornwall Air Ambulance four weeks back. - All for a good cause I guess, but..... *sigh*
Was it a Kuro?

I loved plasma screens, I really did.
Pioneer Kuro PDP-428XD 42" 720p HD Plasma, It did 1080i & still looked Awesome left to right (Progressive = V-sync equivalent)..... *sigh* - Yes J T ..... They were a fantastic Display Panel in every manner.

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Just think of the energy savings. Those Plasmas used more then the old CRTs, although they did get so warm you probably offset the heating bill.
A window fitter bust the under window radiator in our rear master bedroom. The Plasma kept the room more than warm enough & did 7 years with no Radiator on the Central Heating loop!