I'm lucky enough to own an Asus 3080Ti & it is Water Cooled to take it to places Air Cooled never could....

The 3090Ti smoked the RTX3090 & for anyone wanting to be Captain Obvious.... nutters like me are saying...."Where are the 4090Ti's??"

So having been an SLI & nVidia nutter for many years & finally seeing where single Gfx cards from nVidia can go, we get to read this;


Now, for the Holy grail of all memory buses, nVidia have gone on about a 512Bit Memory bus for many years & never ever released it, so for us die-hard nVidia peeps.... this is "Hard On" material that has never transpired.

384Bit memory over 256Bit memory bandwidth is really really, Buttery Smooth.

Anyhow, the bustards @ nVidia appear to have nipped everything in the bud.....


Check out the Installation procedure for the alleged behemoth 4-slot Gfx card....