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    Music collections

    Do you still own a physical music collection?

    I listen to music exclusely digitally these days. Mainly Spotify but sometimes MP3 via USB in my car when the mobile signal is too bad. Thanks to the increase in mobile network speeds and broadband, plus the power of smartphones these days and the popularity of smartspeakers.

    What is mad with smartspeakers is that a lot or people only listen to music using them these days. That means they are listening on one speaker in mono. Imagine even considering that 30 years ago?

    I've still got my music CD collection of over 500 albums. But I can't have listened to any of them in nearly 10 years.

    I also still have all by vinyl LPs. I still love looking at the covers and inlays. I have even considered getting my record player out again, but haven't yet.

    But I also still own my whole audio tape collection that must be easy over 200+ albums. But what to do with them? I'm not likely to ever play them again. The only tape player I still have is in my 23 year old Akai hifi seperates setup that's currently at my parents house as my mum uses it sometimes. But the tapes are not going to be worth anything. But I do have a lot of obscure albums in there. So I just hold on to them? Until I eventually die then my son throws them away!

    I was sorting out a load of stuff I still have stored away in a closet at my parents house the other week. I still had piles of VHS tapes there. I was looking at them all and suddenly thought why am I keeping them? Especially the blank ones with stuff recorded from the TV. So they all got binned. I have however still held on to a few purchased VHS tapes that I never replaced on DVD and am not sure they were ever released. But will I ever actually watch them? I don't actually have a VHS player here.

    What have you done with your music collections?
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    Not any more. Got some CD's arsing around in storage & a few Elite CD's I listen to very rarely on my Marantz Signature CD Player.

    All the Vinyl I had went down the slot with my Divorce back in '94.

    I do have some video tapes in storage & have no way of trying them. The Panasonic player I had died many moons ago & went to the local tip as landfill.

    I do have a boxed Denon 1940 DVD player though. Waiting for eBay to offer 1 fees & she'll be advertised.

    Poor quality MP3's the rest of the time H.
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    I very narrowly missed out on some Pioneer Fluoroscan separates being sold locally on facebook.

    My dad had some of these, but they are gone now, and i wish they'd been kept.

    All my CDs are in storage but I've just recently been getting back into listening to FM radio at home (I was given a modern 'boombox' for the kitchen).

    We have two of the UE boom speakers, they can be set up to work as a stereo pair but it's a little bit of a hassle to do so, so often end up using just the one. It is convenient though, to have all the music and playlists through Spotify on my phone.

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