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    Amiga Vision

    Anyone tested this yet?

    I just tried it out and it works great. Everything is set up perfectly so you can run everything straight away from a menu already preconfigured.

    You can grab it here:


    Supports original Amiga hardware, MiSTer, MiST and Analogue Pocket FPGA hardware recreations, as well as Amiga emulators.

    Sophisticated and performant Amiga games and demo launcher with screenshots included, can be entirely controlled using gamepads, joysticks or via keyboard. This lets you quickly and easily experience the best of what the system has to offer.

    Close to 2000 hand-tuned, per-game 5 integer scaling with Dynamic Crop settings on MiSTer, ensuring that games and demos make the best use of modern 1080p and 4K 16:9 displays without leaving large parts of the screen blank.

    Carefully curated and well-tested settings for games and demos, no duplication of AGA and ECS versions, with lots of genre and top lists to help you navigate the massive amount of Amiga games available. We take special care to run every game at the correct aspect ratio and CPU speed.

    Games are configured to run in their correct modes, games created in Europe use PAL with 5 Dynamic Crop where appropriate, whereas US-made games run in NTSC for the correct aspect ratio and CPU speed. You can optionally override this in the settings.

    Includes key productions from the legendary Amiga demo scene, including disk magazines sorted chronologically, making it a great companion to explore the demo scene’s UNESCO-nominated cultural heritage artifacts.

    Hand-tuned scanline and shadow mask settings for MiSTer to get you close to that original CRT look if you are using it on a modern flat panel display. Of course, the setup also works with analog output to real CRT displays.

    Shared file system support for the MiSTer: volume, making it trivial to transfer files to and from the Amiga over WiFi or wired networks, or directly using the SD card.

    Minimalist Workbench setup with support for including your own custom set of configurations, games, applications and files using the Saves: HD image that will survive upgrades of the main HD image.

    RTG resolution support for running Workbench in modern resolutions like 19201080 and in 16:9 aspect ratios on MiSTer.

    Uses PFS as its file system to avoid accidental corruption on write operations, which the standard FFS file system is very prone to.

    Includes a dedicated MiSTer setup to closely mimic a stock Amiga 500 with memory expansion (for use with ADF files only) for maximum compatibility with demo scene productions and any troublesome games that rely on cycle accuracy and exact hardware timings.

    Includes an optional, dedicated Amiga 500HD setup that gives you a representative feel for how it was to use Workbench 1.3 with a hard disk and productivity apps around 1989.

    Includes an optional, dedicated Amiga 600HD setup that gives you a representative feel for how it was to use Workbench 2.x with an Amiga 600 or 3000 and productivity apps around 1991-1992.

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    No I haven't. Will take a look this week.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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