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    Total DOS Collection

    I have had the Total DOS Collection 18 (305GB) for several years now and didn't know if it was still regularly updated, so I informed myself as I have quite much time on my hands at the moment.

    When you go to their homepage it is also mentioned that the Total DOS Collection is not meant for public release, basically you'll find older sets f.ex. at the internet archive.

    Then I read somewhere that there was a 21 release, searched a bit and found a Russian site which hosted the torrent.

    So I downloaded the torrent which is 630GB big and it is a very new release which dates from August 2023 and covers a lot of stuff.

    Total DOS Collection (TDC) release #21 - August 2023

    Our best release ever!

    As always, this year's collection is bigger, topping out at 630GB and 37.25k files,
    but there's been a significant amount of progress in obtaining disk images too. Those
    disk images in turn assist in validating the material tracked in the .dat.
    Better accuracy in the .dat file results in higher confidence of good dumps, less hacks,
    less stale savegames and config files, and clearer path to each title's provenance.

    Our database has had some much needed improvements. We finally got around to getting
    many additional database fields in our MDB file for data analysis and tracking. There's
    even a new windows command line tool called TDCQ for exploring the database and performing
    interesting queries from it, such as:
    "list all the shareware adventure games that were published in 1993 or 1992 but no adult titles"
    This will lead us to eventually being able to expand said queries to filter in or out CPU
    requirements, sound+video support, joystick, and so much more.

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    Nice find. Once I have more storage I will grab this.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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