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    Spyro the Dragon tech demo by Rst7/CBSIE

    A new demoscene 3D engine for the Amiga A1200 has been released by Rst7/CBSIE, based on Spyro the Dragon. The most impressive thing is it's running on a standard A1200 with just a 4MB fast ram expansion.

    Here is what the creator said via an EAB post:

    "I want to share a small technical demo for you. This is a simple 3D engine that I tried to get the most out of the stock configuration of the A1200. Yes, it's inspired by Dread, of course! Engine uses Hires HAM6 + a very simple single-pass c2p to produce 160*100px 64 colors, unfortunately, without palette, only two bits per R, G, B. At this moment, 68020+AGA is enough to run the engine. It is also possible to run on 68020+ECS+FastRAM (for example, A3000), but this has not yet been implemented".

    Here's a link to the original discussion:

    And here is a link to the files to try it out:

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    It moves more smoothly than I was expecting it to.

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