Have any of you seen these Arcade 1UP cabinets? They have been around for a couple of years
Now. They are about 2/3 real size arcade cabinets, using emulators and an LCD screen, with proper arcade controls and the livery and artwork from the original arcades.

Each machine costs about 399 and comes with 12 games to choose from connected to the cabinet theme.

There are Pacman, Mortal Kombat 2 and Street Fighter II versions. They do make more on their website, but these 3 are the standard ones you see in stores.


I decided to post about these because I went into one of the Smyths Toy Stores (so Tom could give me some idea about what he wants for Christmas) and they had the Pacman and Mortal Kombat versions running in store. Tom instantly saw the Pacman one and dragged me over to play as he knows it's one of my favourite games, and we ended up playing it for ages. We then gave the MK2 cabinet a play, but I rebooted it to see what other games were on there and we ended up playing 2 player Rampage. Tom hasn't played that before and really enjoyed it.

Are they worth it?

Not sure really. The cabinets feel well made, and whilst the controls didn't feel like anything top end like Sanwa they felt robust and well made with good response.

A limitation is they only coming with 12 games. Also the Pacman cab has a vertical orientation screen and only 1 joystick and 3 buttons, whereas the MK2 is a more traditional horizontal screen with 2 joysricks and 8 buttons each side so is more suited to more games.

I need to do some research into what hardware these actually have in them. If they can easily be altered to add more games or completely change the OS and frontend then they could be quite a bargain. They are well made cabinets. And only being 2/3 size don't take up as much room. They do come with a riser so the cabinets are a more natural height to play standing up.