I've been looking at buying a new decent pair of headphones with the recent and upcoming sales taking place. But there are so many on the market these days it's not easy to know what to get.

I'm avoiding anything marketed as gaming headsets as they are overpriced and poor plastic quality most of the time.

I'm a big fan of Sennheiser and have been looking at their new Momentum 4s, but the older Momentum 3s look nicer. Anyone used these?

I did grab a pair or cheap Sennheiser HD 250BTs in last week's Amazon prime sale, as they were reduced to 24. Obviously these are entry level and do look quite cheap and plasticy, but have surprisingly good sound. But I bought these for when out walking the dog so wanted something light and fairly small.

Sony also seem to be making some that are being good reviews.

So that so you use? And that are your favourite brands or recommendations?