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    Heroic Games Launcher

    Heroic Games Launcher.

    Heroic is an Open Source GOG and Epic games launcher for Linux, Windows and macOS. Also available on the SteamDeck!

    This was developed independently when GOG refused to port their Gakaxy library manager over to Linux. The end result is far better then anything Galaxy could have been.

    On Windows Heroic will just be an alternative to Galaxy to access, manage and install your GOG games. Plus add and do that same for your Epic library.

    On Linux is a whole lot more because it supports abstraction compatibility libraries such as Wine and Proton to make Windows games run in Linux.

    And it should be of interest to Mac users too because it also offers GOG and Epic Windows game support.

    And it's new Steam Deck support is what got me interested because it allows owners to add their GOG and Epic libraries to the Steam Deck and run a lot of the games using a variety of different compatibility layers on offer. AFAIK in Linux it only allows Windows game compatibility for GOG and not Epic, so only Linux native games will run from Linux and Steam Deck via Epic. On Mac is does support Epic Windows games.

    But these is an alternative to Heroic, called Lutris, that I think does run Epic games via compatibility layer on Linux, so if that's needed it's worth a look. But far more complicated to get working.

    I've also always found the Galaxy library a bit unstable in Windows, so might start using Heroic instead in Windows. We will see. Will test it out this weekend.

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    I tried Galaxy for some days, too fiddly, I don't like launchers for PC in general. Steam is ok I guess. Might indeed be more useful on handheld systems.

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