Little story first.

I had bought a Sony Bravia KD-75XG8096 LED TV 2˝ years ago when all of a sudden I had in the top of the screen a horizontal dead pixel line through the whole screen. As it was already over 2 years old, the guaranty expired. So I called my trusted HiFi specialist reseller where I buy my stuff since several years already, and he just wrote me a new bill with 1 year less, so I had guaranty again, awesome. He told me to contact Sony support.

After doing that, they said they're gonna replace it and 1 week later they already came with the new same TV. After setting it up I noticed some strange clouds in the screen, very visible with white background, very annoying using internet. So I tried different settings, no change. Then later in the evening we watched some episode, and the moment it was a darker scene with lights it looked absolutely horrible.

I got obviously angry and told myself I should have bought an OLED straight away in the first place, so my thoughts were already going towards buying one.

I contacted Sony again, and although they told me that this was a phenomena of the LED TVs, and even after sending them pictures I took, black screen looked like somebody washed the screen with acid, they agreed to send me another one. Again 1 week later I got another one, same model and it looked fine again. Even the delivery guys told me that the one they gave me before didn't look normal but was defective.

But my eyes were already like mentioned before on an OLED TV. Read reviews and came to the conclusion that the LG C1 models were at the moment the best panels available on the market. And their newest C2 panel is going to be released by end of March.

I called my reseller the day they came out, but they were not available yet, delivery times taking some more time. So yesterday I got a mail that he got the TV. Didn't know he ordered it straight away, but I told him as it's there now I'm gonna take it (joking a bit as I think I mentioned to him to order one when it's available)

So I confirmed today that I will take it and it's gonna be delivered next week.

It's the OLED LG77C2 (77" even a bit bigger than my actual 75"), and so far I only read very positive reviews, it's quite the perfect TV and it's biggest strength is even the gaming part, apparently it's the absolute best, at least for the larger models.

A little "weakness" is apparently the audio, but I don't care at all as I'm using my receiver over eARC, and not the on-board audio.

Here's f.ex. one review for the 65":

If you're looking at buying the LG C2 at launch, the really big competitor is probably… the LG C1. Nice