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    Audible and audio books. Any fans?

    Does anyone use Audible?

    I've always been interested in audio books. My sister is blind so growing up she was always listening to audio books. Some purchased, but many borrowed from the library. I especially loved the BBC dramatisations and Radio plays. We were both big fans of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings BBC dramas with full casts. Others such as Hitch Hikers were great too.

    Some others I remember were the Narnia books and the Golden Compass.

    More recently, in the last couple of years, having to drive an hour to work each way I've got back into Audio books. Being a big Star Wars fan there have been a lot of officially endorced (canon) Star Wars novels written and released. The older expanded universe books, which are now not canon numbered in the 160+ novels, of which I had read most, but I just don't have the time to sit and read them now. But nearly all of them are on audible with some great narrators and some even with a full cast. Many of the novels fill in a lot of back story to different films and series. It's actually getting to the point with all the SW series being released that to fully understand them you need to read some of the novels. This was true of The Mandalorian and Rebels and will definitely be for the upcoming series. So far I've listen to about 30 of them.

    Another series I recently completed was The Witcher books. The whole series is available including the main 5 book series and the 3 additional books of shorter stories. These were brilliant and highly recommeneded. There's one other book by the author that I stated but wasn't in the right mood for at the time so will restart it again another day. Its not Witcher based, but set in 13th century Europe and goes into great detail about all the kingdoms, kings and feudal wars. Very complex time in our history.

    Tom also got into Harry Potter in a big way, and during lockdown I bought him the whole set of audio books that he listened to on his Echo.

    I've also grabbed a lot of classic scifi and horror novel collections in sales.

    So anyone else listening to any audio books?

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    ... Sorry, what was the question??

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