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    AntStream - free online emulation streaming

    Has anyone else discovered and tried AntStream?

    It's completely free, which is the first bit of great news.

    What is it?

    It's a retro streaming emulation platform that provides commercial retro games from lots of different systems to play completely free. You register a free account and then have access to their whole library of retro games, which you play directly online. You can earn achievements and log hiscores into your account. You can also take part in and setup tournaments.

    So far it already has quite a few commercial retro games available to play. About 160 Amiga games for example. It's well designed and easy to use. I've only so far tried it quickly with a game of Space Invaders on my Android phone and that worked fine.

    If anyone else wanted to try it out and add me to their friends my Username is AmigaHarrison.

    I'm thinking with this providing such an easy way to pay retro games and the tournament facility this might be a cool way to resurrect our old hiscore competitions. I've not looked at how they work yet, but it would make it really easy for anyone to just log in and play a game. No hassle.
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