Hi everyone,

I've just managed to purchased a discounted upgrade for our forum software for the latest version using a Black Friday deal.

So after Christmas I will be dedicating some time to doing a full site upgrade.

The newer vBulletin 5 is a completely new forum software, build from the ground up and based on a completely new codebase. It's obviously still based on the ideas of these existing vBulletin forums, but brought right up to date with a lot of new features and ways for functioning.

With the discount I also took advantage of the license that includes a mobile suite. This allows us to create a proper standalone Android and iOS app for the site to fully use and access the site from smartphones.

I really want to use next year to try and rejuvenate this site and get some interest in it started again. Main interest for me is to focus a lot more on emulation as there are so many options for emulation now, including loads of great retro handhelds (I recently got the Retroid Pocket 2), as well as all the mini systems, existing older systems, and even the possibility to run emulation on the new Xbox's thanks to their Developer Mode feature. Of course I also still want to focus and feature the Amiga and other retro platforms and gaming in general. Plus it would be great to try and generate some online gaming between us.

I also want to thank the members that already donated a while a go towards this upgrade purchase. It was much appreciated. I was going to buy the upgrade anyway to keep the site running and bring up to the modern day, but it helped having some money towards the upgrade. if anyone else can help towards the upgrade costs it would be much appreciated. Donations to dave@classicamiga.com

That's all for now.

Hope you are all staying safe during the pandemic and managing to have some retro fun. Take care and watch out for more information soon on the upcoming site upgrade.