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Thread: COVID-19

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    I noticed a post box in Doncaster the other day which had a sticker on it which said "Priority Post Box; Helping the NHS". Any idea what that is in aid of? I'm sure the post box was no where near any NHS facilities.

    How is everyone doing Coronavirus wise? We ended up taking Grandma for a test the other week. Fortunately she didn't have it. My mother works in a hospital, and they are having all the staff wear face masks all day. Now everyone is getting irritated skin and struggles to breathe, the management is moaning about how much it is costing them to have each member of staff get through several disposable masks per day, and the patients are leaving them lying around because they've not provided dustbins for them.

    I'm still avoiding most shops, although I did venture into the food market at Doncaster yesterday to buy some sausages. I wasn't sure what that would be like as it is quite cramped in there. Fortunately it wasn't busy enough for people to be breathing down your neck.

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    An update from the land down under:

    We were pretty much on top of this whole situation, new cases were on the decline across the country, my state in particular had no new cases at all. All of a sudden, there's been a massive spike in our sister state (Victoria) and for some reason, closing the borders once more in an effort to contain the spread. But of course, human nature has led to a bunch of idiots jumping restrictions and of course those are the people that have it. Once again, we have active cases, and a couple in my local area.

    I've been working remotely since the start of March and I'm scheduled to go back to the office (however, in a split capacity) in just over a week; really hoping it doesn't flare up again...
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