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    FPGA Accelerator for 16 bit and 32 bit Amigas

    Hi All,

    i don't post on line normally here although i troll the threads. I would like to let everyone know Mike Stirling is creating a FPGA Accelerator for the Amigas. It is not like the Vampire as such as it does not take control of custom chips and is based on a 68020 CPU that permits full compatibility to the Amigas, it simply uses the TG68 core in a FPGA to supercharge your Amiga. It's performance is better than all of the ACA line of Accelerators and will eventually be available for all 16 bit and 32 bit Amigas.

    The features of the accelerator will be multi featured and the price point will be a lot lower than the other accelerators available. You can check out the info on this thread. Also check out Mikes Blog for more info which has some extra info. The dhrystone score ATM is 15,116 and is expected to get higher once the caches are finished. I Am personally excited at this as the project will encompass a lot of features that others cannot provide.

    here is the link to the original thread created by Mike on EAB forum. Even if not interested in purchasing, it makes for interesting reading


    - - - Updated - - -


    here is the link.

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    Nice to see you in here kipper & wow! - Doesn't Frontier run smoothly.

    Didn't see this over @ EAB so thank's for the heads up.
    Getting 0ld0r is mandatory - Growing up is just an option.

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