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    Bought new TV

    I bought a very nice new lowboard, as I wanted to alter the look of the living room, which hasn’t been done since many years. I also bought a new stand/table for my receiver and subwoofer, so the back wall is looking completely new now, and it also pleases Mrs very much, did I not also have something else in mind

    It was only later that I told her that with the new look comes also a new TV, otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense, would it? I guess we men agree on this one. She was fine with it, as it’s me who’s paying anyway

    My old TV was over 9 years old already, would not have thought that, time passes, my old beloved 50” Panasonic plasma. Time to make space for something more modern, and BIGGER!!! So I bought, and got it yesterday, a 75” Sony Bravia TV. Man, it’s huge. And it’s a beauty!

    Another reason for this change was, that sometimes I only play for one hour, and I don’t necessarily switch the beamer on, thus I play on the TV, mainly indie titles, but in all honesty, with the age my eyesight clearly doesn’t get better, and if I have to read some text on the screen, sitting almost 4.5m away, I’m completely lost. So the obvious step to take was buying a bigger TV, sounds logical.

    Plus the beamer gets a little “rest” now from time to time, have to swap the lamp soon, I already bought a new one, which costs 540€. So using it a bit less, extends the lifespan of the lamp.
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