Hi Guys.

Don't want to post a pile of Pics for the crack of it, but I recently acquired a Yamaha RX-A1070 Amp to replace my Yamaha DSP-AX2 AV Amp.

She's fully functional, boxed, original Remote & Owners Manual that still looks new. - This Amp can run a 10 Speaker Home Cinema Setup including DTS & the Original 6.1 Dolby Matrix. - Full Speaker config is 2 Mains (Bi-wireable on Speakers A&B) L&R Front High Effects(DTS), Front Centre, Rear Stereo L & R Channels, Rear Centre & 2 x Subwoofer Phono's (Front & Rear)

Unfortunately, 6.1 isn't an industry Standard these days (it never took off but sounds fantastic), so I had to buy a pair of Mordaunt Short Alumi 2 Speakers to replace the T1000 Centre Rear channel I was using with the AX2. I Still have a T1000 on the front Channel with the 1070 but now have a redundant one which is also originally boxed.

I don't want to give them away either so sensible offers/inquiries only please. AX2's still fetch a good price on eBay without their boxes, remotes & manuals but I am willing to knock eBay's fee-idge off any deal if someone is willing to pay for a Kick Ass AV Amp &/or Centre Speaker. - The Centre speaker is so heavy, it would kill someone if you dropped it on their head.

In their Days, the AX2 was a 1500 event, the MS T1000 Centre Speaker a 300 reaming & that was a load of moolah those years ago.