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- Subnautica !!!!! boy i loved this one. I can't remember last time i enjoy a game so much. Best game for me in last 2 years, any platform.
- Kerbal Space Program - Superb game. So technical, so much potential. Perfect.
Those are definitely 2 great games. Kerbal is bloody hard though. I had to cheat with some guides to build something that achieved anything! Lol

And I love underwater games. Looking forward to Aquanox Deep Descent. Loved the original 2 games, and this looks promising. Also want to try out Uboat.
Aquanox is now on may wishlist !!! thanks!

In Kerbal, when i went to the moon, i felt so good, what an achievement. That game is fantastic.
I put Aquanox in my wishlist on steam, i will read a bit more about it.