Very true.

Many already don't understand and will never experience many physical store experiences. Record stores is a huge one. It was an amazing experience in the 80s and 90s spending ages going through the LPs discovering new stuff and not knowing exactly that you had discovered until you got it home and played it. Or even going into a video game store and picking something at random to buy purely based on the boxart.

These days you look at the reviews and scores before making any decision. And with music Spotify and other services have made music throwaway, being able to play a few seconds and move on without giving it a chance. If you had physically purchased an LP you listened to the whole thing to give it a chance and quite often discovered something that grew over time. Books at the next one, although schools are still heavily encouraging children to read and explore physical books which is great. They could have so easily gone down the ebook/tablet root. Physical book don't seem to be being replaced by digital versions in quite the same way. It's still great to get a new book.. the smell, the feel etc, even putting a book mark in the page. I just can't easily read novels digitally. It's different with reference books, because when designing or coding it's very useful to have your reference books in digital form on your phone or table. Still kind of prefer a physical reference book, but it's not as much an issue.