I haven't really been keeping up with the modding scene regarding the PS4 and XBox1. However I was just reading about a group successfully hacking the PS4 about a year ago to unlock/jailbreak it. Plus they reverse engineered the PS2 classic releases to find the built in and normally hidden PS2 emulation so you can now run any PS2 games via ISO.

The PS2 emulation is quite an interesting one for me because I do still use a real PS2 and this could reduce the number of systems under the TV.

Interestingly I also just read that RetroArch is being ported, which would be good.

I've also still not bothered getting a PS4 yet because I still have loads of PS3 games to play, plus the majority of games released on the PS4 are also available on the PC. Same for the Xbox1. However both systems are coming towards the end of their lifespan, which is when I normally catch up and buy any current gen systems I don't have. Plus there are some exclusive titles I do want to play.

Has anyone here modded a PS4 yet? I know it was limited when first hacked because it only worked with a very old version of firmware, much like the PS3 mods. But I need to research if this has improved. If it has I might grab one in the new year. Tempted by a Pro, but the PS4 slim is pretty cheap now.