As you have no doubt already seem, Sony has announced it will be jumping on the bandwagon and releasing a mini retro system in the form of the Playstation Classic.

It will come with 20 preloaded games, some nice inclusiions shown in the video announcement including Final Fantasy 7 and Wild Arms, plus 2 controllers and will connect via HDMI. Sadly the controllers are only the original design and not the updated analogue ones. And it comes with a USB cable to power it, but strangely now AC adapter, so they are assuming you have a spare.. maybe from an old phone.

It will cost $99.99 in the USA and 89.99 in the UK.

What are your thoughts on this?

Will be interesting to see if it will be possible to hack it like the Nintendo minis, to add your own games to the system. That would really be the only reason I would be interested. It's also a bit disappointing that it will come with the original style controllers and not the newer analogue versions.. especially with games included like Ridge Racer R4.