Had anyone else ever had a comment removed from Facebook for "hate speech"?

I commented on a stupid news article posted yesterday. I think it was from the BBC. It was about a trans person whom, regardless of your views on this current social media hype, was clearly a guy dressed as a women. They were complaining that their online banking automatic security checks had rejected their account access because their voice hadn't matched a female voice pattern.

You just have to laugh at that as a genuine news article really. I was feeling a bit sarcastic and posted that it was quite obviously a guy dressed as a girl, and their system needs a trans option with the selection of either a guy pretending to be a girl or a girl pretending to be a man.

And today I get an offical hate crime warning from Facebook. Hilarious. They have time to protect the feelings of the mentally ill, but do nothing about all the terrorist recruitment content or paedophile rings. Quite pathetic really. Wouldn't expect much more from social media these days I suppose. Good by freedom of speech! How can it be a hate crime to just state facts?