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    A500 Gotek Mount Review

    Here's my review of an interesting solution if you want to install a Gotek drive but don't want to damage your Amiga 500 case. 🔨👌💾 I hope you enjoy it!

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    Typing as I watch (again, at work, natch):

    nice music

    Lovely little Psion organiser in the background (the Palm 3? we had those at school, given out to [for some reason, which escapes me] kids that had some special learning requirements). I like the background items, there was something last time.... *checks*.. ah yes, Terrorpods

    Looks like a neat solution, even if TBH I have little interest in hardware these days, I find these videos somewhat relaxing and admire that enthusiasm.

    Wait - does that do simulated disk sounds? I loved the Amiga loading sounds. True (sad) fact, my sister and I would sometimes play a game - guess what's loading without looking, by the sound of the disk loading. New Zealand Story had a particular stand-out sound.

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