Hi All,

I've just rescued my old Amiga systems from the loft and glad to see the A500 boots and works well... no such luck for my A600!!

On boot:

  • Caps Lock light stays on
  • TV shows black screen with faint vertical grey lines

I've tested the RGB to scart cable on my A500 and it works well. One thing I did notice was that the 3.1 rom has fewer pins than the socket (1 row too short). I can't remember if I ever got the ROM working before it went up into the loft and I think I remember the instructions indicating that the lack of pins was OK.

I've tried:

  • Re-seating my kickstart ROM (it's a 3.1 which I bought from AmigaKit a few years ago)
  • Detached my IDE drive
  • Detatched the A601 memory expansion

All have no effect.

I also found a site indication that removing a capacitor may have some effect. The site can be found by Googling: "amiga 600 capslock stays on" first link (don't have enough posts to add links sorry)

I'd appreciate any suggestions.