Yeah, a couple of weeks ago I discovered that a company called Piko Interactive got the license for some old Ocean games and were going to release them on Steam. Some of them were old classics like Sleepwalker, Push-Over and Elf, but the DOS-versions of course. One of them was Tunnel B1 which I played a lot on the PS1 and figured I'd play again. It released just a couple of hours ago, and I got it and gave it a try.

I wondered why the PC version didn't have the intro cinematic. And starting the game, why isn't the music working? Chris Hülsbecks excellent soundtrack is on its own a good reason to play the game.

So I browsed the folders, found the cinematics but no intro. And I found nothing that looked like music files. In the game folder however, I spotted a razor.nfo file! And in it they are "proud to present Tunnel B1" in 1996, and further in they say they ripped out the music and the intro to reduce the size of the game!

Needless to say I requested a refund, with an explanation of what this is and maybe they should look at the other games that Piko Interactive released today. You should definitely avoid them.