Just watched this film on Netflix and i highly recommend it.

I didn't know anything about it and just saw it listed on there this evening. Apparently it was a surprise release immediately after a trailer for it was shown at the Superbowl, so only just released. JJ Abrams kept it quite quiet.

As it's name suggests it's the 3rd film in the Cloverfield series (after the original Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane).

It takes a different approach and genre again, as each film has. This one is a space scifi horror film which involves multiple dimensions and explains what happened to cause the events in the other films.

It seems to have been panned by critics, but as always don't believe them. It's had 5 star ratings on Netflix and I really enjoyed it. If you like space scifi horror you should enjoy it.

There's also a 4th film in the making apparently set in WWII and it will be a supernatural horror film. Rumoured for release toward the end of this year.

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