Have you seen the first 2 episodes yet? Available on Netflix outside the usa.

I enjoyed it so far. Really polished and nice visuals and effects. Cinematography was closer to the recent films than the obvious studio sets of old. And I really like the darker style.

Actors seem a good selection so far, but we haven't seen the new captain or the makeup of the eventual crew yet.

There is just one issue i have and a lot of Star Trek fans are talking about it. The reimagining of the Klingons. Why have they messed with the longest established alien species in the franchise? I realise their desire to make aliens look more alien, but don't mess with the established ones. Reserve that for new encounters. The Klingons don't look anything like they should. No hair and more reptilian. Even the Klingon language felt less guttural and the pronunciation less clear and different. I Haven't been able to get my head around their new look yet.

At least they haven't messed with the Valcans.

And I really like the new effects for long range holo-communication and transportation.

Looking forward to seeing what the new Discovery looks like. The initial ship was hinted at being old with dated tech such as the transporters.

I also hope they don't focus completely on the Klingon cold war and actually return the franchise to exploration.

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