As I couldn't go to Finland now, my gf went alone for 6 days, and we managed that her older sister and her husband will come to Luxembourg, with 10 year old daughter and 7 months old son. They were never in Luxembourg, never had the opportunity to visit us, and today, finally they will come, arriving in 15 minutes.

I'm quite happy, as I was there so many times, but they never saw so far where I live, and I definitely always wanted to show them.

I get along with the husband very great, would be one of my best friends probably if I would live there, he turned 40 now, sadly I missed the birthday party, but that doesn't matter, he'll be here now, and I have so many things to show him.

Feeling really happy, hopefully my back problems won't be in the way too much. They also want to visit Germany and France as they also have never been there either, basically over 10 years no holidays. And France is less than 1km away from me, so we can go there every morning to buy baguette and croissants

They will stay for the coming 8 days.