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    Vampire cards - price vs what you get

    Hi people. Amigakit just put the Vampire 500 on his store and they are sold out in just a few hours.
    The card is at 344,99 euros (+/- 304 Pounds).

    The card has potential, it's very fast compared with a 68060.
    And if you look for the price of a 68060 it's not that expensive. Well compared with an old 68060... but still is a lot of money. With 345 euros you can by a modest laptop.
    So what can you ready do with it?
    - You have workbench running like hell, for the standards you are used to.
    - You can play videos, play music
    - You have much more juice for applications.

    But for games... most of them will be the same. Same music, same graphics, some everything. Am i wrong? Games like Frontier could work better, sure, but how many games would run better? I have a Blizzard 1230 IV, How many games would run better in a Vampire compared to my 1230?

    What about the video output?
    AmigaKit says:
    RTG Video Driver
    "...The driver supports from 320240 up to 19201080, however, the Pixel Clock of the Vampire is limited, so you will need a TV/monitor that can cope with low refresh rates if you want to use large modes (e.g. for 1080p you'll need to run at 24Hz vertical refresh). All colour depths are available. 8, 15, 16, 24, 32bits. ..."

    24Hz vertical refresh? A "normal TV" does not do that, am i right? So what would be the maximum resolution with a decent refresh rate that you could get?
    I mean the card could not be expensive if you look the power you will have compared to standard hardware, even with most of the cards, but, 350 euros is a not of many.

    I would love to have one Vampire, i think i would spent some days exploring it, just looking at how much nice the workbench would be, OS3.9 running super fast... i would try to see what kind of speed i could do in the internet... but... after those first days... what real use would i give to the card?

    Give me your thoughts.
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    I've always been interested in the Vampire cards. If I had the spare cash I'd buy one, but I don't.

    Not sure about the video limitations but I suspect it's the frame buffer. 24Hz at 1080p is basically cinema quality bluray playback. I would guess 1024x768 would be 32 bit colour and 1280x1024 might be 24 bit. Just a guess though.

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