Hi people.

Since the last 2 months me and my GF signed a netflix account and we are watching it from PS4 (not the PRO version). Quality is good in our 80cm FullHD TV (LG).
I am thinking in an upgrade to a 4K TV. 82cm is a bit small to us. The distance we have from our sofa to the TV, is about 2 meters, even a bit more. 82cm seams a bit small. A 110 cm would be great.
Since my PS4 is not PRO, it cannot steam 4K to the TV. But those smart TVs have internet and they can run Netflix in 4k.


1) do you ever test a smart TV playing Netflix in 4k (with the upgrade in netflix service to 4k)
Is it good?

2) Should i get a better experience? I mean, i have a friend with a 4k, but the TV is about 2 meters...
i want a 110cm diagonal. I Know that it all depends in the distance you have from your head to the screen... I have the idea that if you change a 82 cm from HD to a 82cm 4K you will not notice so much. Only if you got a bit closer to the TV.

Give me your thoughts