Some days ago, someone talked about Elite Dangerous, i think it was Harrison.

I bought it, back when it was first released. I liked Elite frontiers, so i bought the new one.
I played for may 30 hours and didn't play anymore. The game was ok, nice graphics, i remember docking in those space stations was very cool. I did some mining, but i don't know, something was missing, and i got bored after some hours.
I tried to play online, but i was killed 3 times in a row, in less then 10 minutes, i gave up. I don't like on-line games, and this game was the same.
But i still receive the newsletters, i confess i don't read them much. I know that you can now land on planets (payed dlc...).
So are playing it? Did you play it? The new landing on planets is good?
What can you do now compared to the first release?
What can you do in the game, excluding the buy/sell/mining ?
I remember that you could transport passengers, getting some missions.... i don't remember well, does it have a main plot?
Should i gave it a try?
And what about the specs? My laptop is not the best, but i could play, does the new features demand more power?