Stopped with Digimon Story some days ago, was already in chapter 15 of 20, but it became insanely difficult, due to one feature I didn't pay attention, also because I wasn't explained. Every Digimon has an ABI (ability) value, which is very low in the beginning, 4, 8, 12 at most. I had already several of my Digimon in the 2nd last stage, like level 75 to 90, but to evolve into the ultimate Digimon, level 99, you need this ABI value to be at least 20. I completely missed that. So the only possibility to do so is devolving your Digimon again, the he gains a lot in ABI, then evolve him back. Problem is that once devolved, your Digimon falls back to level 1, and you have to level up again until between level 50-60 to evolve him again, takes time, and there's no really nice grind places in the game. As this would have taken me too much time now, would have been QUITE tedious, I decided to stop with the game, would I have been told earlier, there wouldn't have been a problem. Because like this I lost my last fight, one enemy killed 9 of my party Digimon, and I didn't inflict him 1 single damage point, as he also healed all the time, quite frustrating.

I continued now playing Just Cause 3, and enjoying it now more than before.