I mentioned that I don't have so much time to play games, although I still can manage to play enough, I just wanted to mention that I will have some time soon.

I already had a back operation (disc prolapse) in 1990, since then my back is regularly hurting, nothing too bad, but annoying nonetheless. Got worse with the years, and the discs above and below the one concerned, are now also already pretty damaged.

But since approx. 10 month, my toes and half of my right foot are numb, so I went to MR imaging (end of November), and indeed, the discs are almost none existing anymore, plus the nerve is infected and wrapped in cartilage, thus the numbness in my foot, and meanwhile also lower leg and knee. Sometimes the pain is just unbearable and I have to stay home, as I can't sit, walk or stand.

Went to neurologist, nerve is still working, still sending the signal, so it's not damaged yet, but has to be treated, otherwise this could stay for my whole life.

Did infiltration (cortisone injection) to the nerve, usually lasts for 4-6 months, helped 3 days for me, then the pain and numbness were back.

Then the doctor told me that there is only one solution, we need to fix the back. So I got appointment to be in hospital the 15th of March and the operation will be the next day, 16th of March.

They will put one metal bar attached to 8 screws fixed on 4 vertebra. Operation takes 5 hours and I will have to stay at least one week in hospital. After that comes recovery, which takes quite long. I will not go to work for 6 months, until mid September, and I will have to rest at home, meaning I will have all the time in the world to play games.