WinUAE 3.4.0 released (21.12.2016)New emulated hardware:Graphics adapters:

OpalVision (OpalPaint, King of Karate)

Accelerator boards:

Blizzard 1230 MK II and III.
IVS Vector 68030.

HD controllers:

Blizzard 1230 MK II and III SCSI Kit.
Expansion Systems Dataflyer Plus.
FileCard 2000/OSSI 500
Mainhattan A-Team.
Microbotics HardFrame.
SCRAM 500/2000.

Network adapters:

Ariadne II.
LAN Rover/EB920.
NE2000 compatible PCMCIA.
NE2000 compatible ISA (x86 bridgeboard compatible).
X-Surf and X-Surf 100 (Partial).

American Laser Games arcade game hardware:

LaserDisc player (video file)
Genlock (using video file genlock mode)
Light gun and buttons.

New features:

RAM/RTG RAM handling updated, all size combinations are now supported.
Autoconfig board GUI list with custom sorting support.
RAM Z2/Z3 board full autoconfig data customization support.
Up to 4 Z2 and Z3 RAM boards can be enabled simultaneously.
Multiple display and sound boards can be now enabled simultaneously.
Genlock realtime custom image, video file or capture stream overlay.
Genlock mode screenshot/video alpha channel support.
Accelerator board 68000 fallback mode supported.
Game Ports panel custom mapping autofire support.
Network access on screen led.
Single step (emulate one frame + pause) input event.
MIDI and Genlock video volume control.


Reduced input latency.
Reduced WASAPI sound mode latency.
WinPCap network mode now uses generated local MAC address, no more MAC conflicts between Windows and emulated Amiga.
If some RAM board is not JIT Direct capable, only board’s access mode changes to JIT Indirect. Global JIT Direct option is not switched off.
Most RAM size/position related JIT Direct restrictions are gone.
Environment variables in file paths (%VAR%) are now always expanded.
Implemented AGA only bitplane DMA overrun emulation (Moon Child).
Host path 260 character limit removed (Windows 10 v1607+ only).

Bug fixes:

Shortcuts with Shift key work again.
Custom Game Port remapping does not disappear mysteriously anymore.
Mounting file with size less than 512 bytes as a harddrive work again.
CDTV statefiles fixed.
On the fly directory/archive mounting only worked once under OS4.x.
Worms DC and ACSYS (possibly others) graphics glitch fixed.
Bad sprite collision optimization fixed (Jumpman Junior).
Stop PPC emulation first, before freeing any emulation resources to prevent random crashes at exit.
FPS.Adj config file handling fixed.
ATAPI CD emulation odd data size fix (HDToolbox hang)
default.uae with unplugged device: set to none, not layout A.

And more…