Since the rise of recent VR Headsets for PC, and now the launch of the Playstation VR, I've been interested in the technology for racing, flight Sim and space games. However I've also been wondering if anyone had done a long term study on the implications of long term use.

You are after all strapping a light tight box to your face with light emitting screens right in front of your eyes. I can't believe there isn't some long term issues with eyesight using this technology, however I've heard no mention of this concern anywhere.

Has anyone read anything about the long term use of VR Headsets?

There has been the common report of nausea due to VR motion messing with your senses due to your body not actually moving, and also a sense of disorientation when taking the headsets off after a long gaming session, because the brain and eyes need to readjust to the sudden change in perception.

The question therefore is how safe in terms of mental and physical health, as well as eyesight, is the long term use of VR headsets?

I might try to do some research into this as I would really like to know. And also try to contact the manufacturers and other industry and medical organisations to ask some questions.

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