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    Euro 2016 .... LOL

    as you know i am from Portugal.... We just did it.
    Let me say that i am not one of those fanatic that say we are the best bla bla bla
    We play shit all the Euro 2016. Point. We didn't show a nice football. point.
    Thank god we have Pepe.
    But look, we didn't loose any game, we did it by the book, we didn't do anything against the rules.
    The referees were not in our side. So we had to travel the best we could.
    We don't have a good team, we have good players, yes, but not a good team.
    Why i am happy? Well, let me tell you, i thought the chances to win were below 40%
    All the press in the world was against us, all said we were not playing a good football. Specially the press from France. I remember one jornal said that Portuguese team was "shit", well it was not this word, but quit similar. So, after less then 20 minutes, france put Ronaldo out. Fuxx, it was planned... no? I don't know...
    but our best weapon out in 20 minutes... man... fuxx...
    Without Ronaldo who was to say that we could win the game???? Everyone said that Ronaldo is the one that makes the difference... guess what? We win withou him....
    fu... lol ... that was nice...
    I am not going to say that we play better, we didn't. Point, did we had better changes to score, no we didn't.
    But, look, i am just so happy, because, the world said that Portugal was shit, and we where not going to win. So Guess what, we did it, and the very best.... without our star... !!!!
    So to all french friends.... vive la france!!!
    Come on, you win the euro before, the world cup before, we didn't win anything.....
    0... zero... rien...
    So let us celebrate.. we were not the best team? Are you telling me that?? I know better the you!!!!
    But if the France didn't say all that shit... i were not celetrating like i am... thank you France!!!
    Thank you for putting ronaldo off the field!!! LOL
    Ronaldo is this and that, and there are a lot of hatters there... fuxx i am so tired of that shxx Messi vs Ronaldo.... ****...
    Is Ronaldo arrogant? What the fuxx.... who cares?? What is the point?? The most important think is what a player do on the field. fuxx the rest. Messi and Ronaldo are top players, does it matter who is the best?
    I don't give a shit. What i care, is that Portugal Win the game without him. Is like putting a brick inside a white glove and give is really hard is France face.
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    Congratulations to Portugal. I'm not a football fan at all, but it's nice to see another country win it for a change, and not the obvious favourites.

    As for football in general, I think it's a joke the amount some are paid to kick a football around a field. The lack of effort by English really highlighted for me that none of our players are worth the money they are paid.

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