My setup isÖ
Amiga 1200 with Kickstart 3.0
Workbench 3.1 on CF card (a lean self install, not a bloated ready made CF image).
ACA1221 Accelerator (standard 9MB config)
3Com Etherlink III PCMCIA Card Ė with 3c589 driver
FTP server running on Mac OS X Server 10.11

I just purchased a *brand new* 3Com Etherlink III, still sealed in the original box. New old stock I assume.

I can ping my FTP server or google, and get decent responses, around 2-4ms. However, Iím getting *painfully* slow LAN speeds over FTP (which Iíve heard should be the fastest way to connect). I struggle to get more than a 5K/s connection, either from single files or directories. It often takes about 10 seconds to copy even a simple small readme.

Hereís what iíve tried so far:
* 2 different FTP clients. AmiFTP and Directory Opus 5 FTP.
* 4 different TCP stacks. MiamiDX, AmiTCP, Genesis & Roadshow (with a clean install for each -i.e. rolling back my CF card from an earlier backed up image).
* 2 different ethernet cables.
* Plugging directly into a switch
* Plugging directly into my router
* C:CardPatch in startup-sequence
* C:CardReset in startup-sequence

Iím curious to try EasyNet, but for some maddening reason itís only available on physical CDÖ FROM EUROPE. Which is like a 2-3 week shipping minimum. Pretty pathetic to not offer a download version on 2016. I doubt I would fair any better with EasyNet, but iím curious to try AmigaKitís PCMCIA card / EasyNet combo, if it ever comes back in stock.

SoÖ what am I doing wrong? I know that the Amigaís PCMCIA slot isnít the fastest, but jeez it almost feels like it would be faster to transcribe the 1s and 0s by hand at this point. I know itís only a 10Mb card too, but even with my CPU speed (or lack of) and ethernet overhead, I should be getting at least 1 Mb per second, right?

- - - Updated - - -

For AmiTCP i followed this guide to the letter

For the other stacks, I used their install wizards.

btw - I specifically wrote Mb not MB. I understand the difference