Has anyone tried the new Star Wars Battlefront beta yet? Preloading was available from last night, then it went active at 14:40 GMT today.

You don't need to own the final game as the beta is open to anyone on PC, PS4 and XboxOne. On PC you must have origin installed, then browse the store for the download. On consoles just look in their stores.

I only had chance for a quick couple of games, but from what I've seen it looks great and the atmosphere is really well done.

I first tried a single player survival campaign, fighting waves of storm troopers, AT-STs etc whilst space battles could be seen up above.

Then I tried a multiplayer capture the drop ship game, which was fun, although I was quickly shot by other players whom obviously play a lot more multiplayer fps then me. Still, great fun

Give it a try. Well with it for free. Download is quite large at 10.8GB though.