I just got my first Amiga ever off ebay after playing with emulation for a few years - happy days! A nice A600 PAL w/ Gotek Floppy, memory & CF hard drive mods.

Sadly, hard drive connector pins apparently broke in shipping, so have to replace that in future, no worries. USB Floppys boot fine - within limit of my NTSC TV monitor, at least.

But my question is, when I boot it and hold both mouse buttons down, I get to a "Boot Menu" screen w/ 2 boot items and [Advanced] button to set them up. I don't get the "Early Startup" screen with "press any key for NTSC/PAL" and so forth.

Everything I read says I should get the Early Startup & NTSC/PAL switch (very interesting to me since I'm in US/NTSC land!). Nothing talks about a "Boot Screen" unless you push a button on that first screen.

Does this make sense for the A600? Is there something I can do to get to the Early Startup screen? Is there a jumper or mouse error or stuck key that might cause this? Thanks for any input!