Hi mates,
Anyone playing Kerball Space Program?

I installed it 5 days ago under Steam, and i love it !!!
Long time that i was not addicted to a game!
It's brilliant!!
Newton laws are great, very fun to build planes and spaceships. You need to develop science to get new parts, and it's very cool to try to get aerodynamics working.

Very interesting to confirm that a game with basic graphics can still be a great game. I am playing at fullhd with everything at maximum sets, and my video card not even get hot. It's all about game play.
And what a game play!

If you like Elite, try it! It's not based on first person view (you can do that), but trajectories, orbits are great.
And building your one ship from nothing it's very cool. You build a spaceship, you launch it, and it explodes after a while... lol and you need to find out why? why did it explode, why you can't get enough speed, or how to get into orbit.
For me, best game of 2015 so far...