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    MAME v162

    Next one:

    As of 0.162 the MAME and MESS projects have been combined into a single emulator. The changes listed below cover both.

    MAME is in the process of becoming a Free and Open Source project. If you have contributed code and we have not
    contacted you yet regarding this license change, or if you believe you are miscredited in the source code, please
    contact us.

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 05940: [Documentation] (harddriv.c) harddriv: Wrong release year for parent set of Hard Drivin´ (Tempora)
    - 05936: [Crash/Freeze] (sigmab98.c) sammymdl: Crash with exception (Robbbert)
    - 05935: [Crash/Freeze] (iteagle.c) iteagle: Crash/Exception after failed IDE detection (Robbbert)
    - 05910: [Crash/Freeze] (harddriv.c) racedriv: Reset causes segmentation fault (Alex Jackson)
    - 05911: [Core] (harddriv.c) harddriv, racedriv, steeltal, strtdriv, racedrivpan: GSP TIME OUT ERROR (Osso)
    - 04911: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (darkseal.c) All games in darkseal.c: Flip Screen does not work at all (Osso)
    - 05924: [Crash/Freeze] (spectrum.c) spectrum: Infinite interrupt service routine loop bug (MetalliC)

    Source Changes
    -m24: add z8000 apb support [Carl, Andreas Senk, rfka01]

    -gambl186: update communication with EEPROM [Peter Ferrie]

    -add more (undumped, needed) roms as NO_DUMP to the VT100 driver
    after consulting later VT100 Tech manual. Correct one misnamed
    undumped rom on the GPO board. [Lord Nightmare]

    -Add newer VT320 Firmware [Matt Burke]

    -Optimized some netlist devices. [Couriersud]

    -Added colour overlay to breakout. [Couriersud]

    -Add VT220 V2.1 ROMs and VT220 Character Generator Rom [Matt Burke]

    -Correct VT220 xtal, and add the romset listed in the schematics as NO_DUMP. [Lord Nightmare]

    -vt240.c: Add two DEC VT240 ROMsets and enable driver [Matt Burke, Balrog, Lord Nightmare]

    -Added 4 controller support for N64/N64DD, as well as rough mouse
    support... [LuigiBlood]

    -miniboy7: fixed video emulation and added inputs. [Sandro Ronco]

    -pet_rom.xml: Added BASIC Programmer´s Toolkit for BASIC 2.0
    [Mike Naberezny]

    -DEC Rainbow updates: [Karl-Ludwig Deisenhofer]
    * Hard disk R/W support and real-time clock support emulating
    ClikClok card.
    * wd2010: provides IRQ / (B)DRQ signals. Honors DRIVE_READY and WRITE
    FAULT (DRDY / WF) now. Set WF to GND and DRDY to VCC in your
    driver if signals are not serviced.
    * ds1315 : Handle chip enable / chip reset / phantom writes to RTC.

    -Update 315_5124.c palette in TMS99x8 modes [nitrofurano]

    -Drop NO_SDL_GLEXT define on OSX [mbcoguno]

    -VT240: Map the T11 roms into cpu space in the correct
    order/interleave [Lord Nightmare]

    -ibm5170.xml: Add disks from various sources: [Justin Kerk]
    * Make Original Diskettes images from an Acer hard drive recovery CD
    * uploads from dashcloud
    * Own Kryoflux reads

    - Added a lot of findings and docs to the WMS driver. These are video slots
    identified as WMS 360 / 550. Also added the proper crystals, correct CPU,
    frequency, preliminary memory map, 2 new sets, and technical info.
    [Roberto Fresca]

    -Breakout: Hooked up antenna and free game dip switch as well. [Couriersud]

    -added Seiko Epson E0C6200 cpu emulation [hap]

    -started on Mitsubishi MELPS 4 cpu emulation [hap]

    - WMS driver... Hooked the Analog Devices ADSP-2105 CPU (still need
    proper memory maps). Added technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]

    -gambl186: Worked a complete set of inputs + DIP switches, fixed the
    CPU frequency, added findings and tech notes. Now the four games could
    be selected. Roulette, Bingo and Black Jack are playable. Casino 10
    (poker) needs the watchdog implemented to work properly. Also changed
    the game name to Multi Game (Vxxx). [Roberto Fresca]

    -VT240 and VT320: add links to DEC-O-LOG service notes for
    different firmware changes, add firmware version numbers.
    [Lord Nightmare]

    -Netlist: [Couriersud]
    * improved 9312 device ==> 20% speed increase
    * remove netlist_state_t ==> no added value
    * removed dead code in solver
    * various minor modifications
    * performance monitoring now also displays stats for subdevices
    * fixed save-state issues
    * fixed save state in 9312
    * Added EXTCLOCK which can generate arbitrary timing patterns.
    * Use two EXTCLOCKs to replace timing circuit (9316) in breakout. This
    gives a speed increase from 60% to 75%.

    -Mini.Boy 7: Added lamps and a internal button-lamps layout based on
    the cabinet pictures. Lamps are currently disabled due to other
    unknown writes are happening on the same port. Need more
    investigation. Also added the coin counter. [Roberto Fresca]

    -Multi Game (EGD): Sounds are 4-bit ADPCM driven by a NEC D7759GC.
    Hooked preliminary sound routines. Needs more work. [Roberto Fresca]

    -gambl186: enable payout, improve EEPROM behaviour a bit so Poker is
    somewhat playable [Peter Ferrie]

    -corrections to gtfore sets [Brian Troha]

    -n64 optimisation: [MooglyGuy]
    * Improve blender performance.
    * Improve RDP speed by eliminating some unneeded code.
    * RDP - remove threaded waits to increase performance.

    -MAME now represents full build, for building MESS drivers only use
    make SUBTARGET=mess, for building only Arcades
    drivers only use: make SUBTARGET=arcade [Miodrag Milanovic]

    -Adjust breakout layout to fit screen boundaries. Changed lights to be
    be circles. [Couriersud]

    -Downsizing ... Removed netlist_ttl_input_t and netlist_ttl_output_t.
    The logic family is governed by the chip and defaults to TTL. However
    individual devices may change the logic family of their inputs and
    outputs as well. Implementing special output/input characteristics of
    "S", "LS", "HC", ... you name it, devices is now pretty easy.
    Theoretically e.g. a "LS_HighPrecision" proxy could be used to model
    the output down to the transistor level. [Couriersud]

    -zaxxon.c: Use SN76489A for sound as shown on congo bongo
    schematic [Lord Nightmare]

    -sigmab98.c: Implemented sprite rotation [Luca Elia]

    -HLSL shader improvements [Jezze]
    * changed shadow mask implementation, shadow count XY now represent
    the number of pixel the shadow UV sized tiles will take on the
    * implemented rotation of the shadow mask texture depending on the
    default landscape or portrait view of the screen
    * removed prescale and pixel border of the shadow mask texture
    * added option to change the shadow UV offset, to reduce the color
    bleeding of the shadow mask
    * adjusted presets to work with the changed mask implementation
    * reduced defocus offset
    * improved downsampling for better blurring
    * improved alignment of bloom layers (raster and vector)
    * applied bloom effect to the render output of screenshot and AVI
    * changed curvature effect to fit screen size
    * changed scanlines to be not rendered into bloom layers
    * changed shadow mask to be not rendered into bloom layers
    * changed color floor to not light the bloom layers
    * changed shadow mask to not dark the color floor
    * added image vignetting simulation and option
    * added round screen corner simulation and option
    * added screen light reflection simulation and option
    * made usage of unused brightness offset (additive)
    * removed unused pincushion option
    * removed duplicate shadow count Y options
    * removed artwork/adapture.png
    * added artwork/adapture-grill.png
    * added artwork/shadow-mask.png
    * added artwork/slot-mask.png
    * added hlsl/simple.fx
    * removed unused shaders::blit() function
    * added shaders::screen_pass() function, which handles the
    (raster-)rendering on screen, into screenshot and AVI recording
    * added effect:set_bool() function
    * fixed usage of OrientationSwapXY shader parameter
    * added RotationSwapXY shader parameters to consider the user defined
    screen rotation
    * added missing RotationSwapXY shader paramter
    * fixed curvature zoom to fit the screen size in any aspect ratio
    * fixed black border on the right and bottom side of the screen,
    caused by the previously added rounded corners

    -gameking.xml: added dump of one multigame cart. [TeamEurope]

    -leapster.xml: added a few new dumps. [TeamEurope]

    -msx: started adding disk images to msx1_flop.xml and msx2_flop.xml,
    based on preliminary partial work by Riley110 [Fabio Priuli]

    -Update palette in 315_5124.c [nitrofurano]

    * Fixed soft reset due to wild BJT_SW oscillations
    * Downsized nld_signal.h to one template
    * Some minor changes improving performance by some notches.
    * Always compile nl_asserts to avoid bit rot.
    * Adjusted monitor gain for breakout. [Couriersud]

    -Finally got USE_DEACTIVE_DEVICE to work with breakout as well. This
    adds about 10% to 20% performance. In addition, increased timing
    accuracy for deactivated devices. However still, there may be timing
    inaccuracies which certain circuits may not tolerate. Disabled for
    now. [Couriersud]

    -clifront.c: Slightly optimized -romident so that each software list is
    parsed only once instead of as many times as the number of drivers it
    is attached to. Also, removed the implication that files with (size !=
    power of 2) are to be skipped, since we now want to identify also
    tapes and floppies and not only ROM binaries. [Fabio Priuli]

    -Added netlist-level parameter NETLIST.USE_DEACTIVATE. Device
    deactivation optimisations can now be enabled within the netlist
    provided the circuit can deal with them. [Couriersud]

    -Added truthtable implementations to a number of devices. The
    combination of device activation, usage of GCC PMF extensions and
    truthtables brings breakout to 95% speed up from about 75%. Fixed
    NE555 initial state. [Couriersud]

    -abc802, abc806, abc1600: Fixed invalid data transmitted on
    first keypress. [Curt Coder]

    -Some netlist bugfixes [Couriersud]:
    * Savestate works
    * Truthtable device deactivation fixed
    * Truthtable ignore mask is now determined by a better approach
    identifying more ignore possibilities.

    -savquest: WIP [Peter Ferrie]
    * hooked up Voodoo 2 device
    * switched to DS12885 device for proper CMOS size
    * moved Voodoo register base to proper place
    * implemented Voodoo-specific PCI registers to pass Glide validation
    * increased frame-buffer size to enable 640x480 resolution
    * hooked up ISA bus and SoundBlaster 16 device
    * extended HASP emulation to return product information
    * documented HASP behaviour

    -gambl186: further improvements to EEPROM behaviour [Peter Ferrie]

    -peplus.c: Added correct CG2228 graphics roms to the Multi-Poker
    XM00008P set. [BrianT, PowderMaker]

    -wyvernf0.c: Fix text color and wrong sprite flip x based on game
    footage [Luca Elia]

    -Removed all uses of setjmp.h in MAME. The only place where it is still
    referenced is cpu/powerpc/ppc.c. I couldn´t find any case in which
    this file would be compiled using the current build system.
    Nonetheless documented use using PPC_H_INCLUDED_FROM_PPC_C define.

    -TLCS-90 CPU: Fixed TRUN bit masking (timers start/stop)
    [Rainer Keuchel]

    -More progress on SPICE to netlist conversion. nltool can now convert
    simple SPICE netlists e.g. from LTSpice to netlist format.

    -abc806: Implemented flashing, double height, and underlined
    characters by hooking up the RAD PROM. [Curt Coder]

    -gameboy: more updates to the cart emulation [Tauwasser]
    * fixed some MBC1, MBC2 details
    * added MMM01 notes on registers
    * fixed Sachen MMC1 implementation so that Sachen logo is properly
    * started work on the emulation of Sachen MMC2 mapper

    -Rewrote the MOS6532 RIOT. [Curt Coder]

    -AVR8 CPU: fix I/O register mapping and improve logging [Felipe Sanches]

    -Bump version on *nix man pages. [Cesare Falco]

    -cgenie: Rewrote driver and removed lots of cruft [Dirk Best]
    * Remove custom 6845 emulation and use our standard core
    * Use the slot system for the parallel interface, fix and implement
    the joystick as a slot device and create a printer slot device
    * Add support for the RS-232 port
    * Add support for the Break key (causes NMI)

    -abc80: Default to ABC 830 disk drive with fast controller. [Curt Coder]

    -Cocoa debugger: autosize controls for custom font size choice [Vas Crabb]

    -nascom: Clean up, add NASBUS emulation and make the floppy disc
    controller a NASBUS card, convert to the new wdc emulation, add generic
    socket emulation, add initial software list.
    * Add support for the Advanced Video Card (AVC)
    * Add support for the selectable restart address
    * Add support for the CP/M version of the Nascom 2
    * Add floppy softlist [Dirk Best]

    -voodoo fixes [Ted Green]
    * Fixed voodoo direct lfb reads from PCI memBase1 (non-3d)
    * Fixed voodoo depth selection for pixel pipeline write
    * Fixed voodoo depth selection for rasterizer
    * Fixed depth biasing for fog selection
    * Minor voodoo fix for color expansion in rasterizer
    * Minor voodoo initialization changes so that address masks are correct
    * Fixed voodoo_pci type selection
    * Fixed voodoo_1 pci initialization

    - added / completed / enabled save state support in the following drivers:
    alinvade.c, berzerk.c, bwing.c, cball.c, cchasm.c, darkseal.c, dynduke.c,
    hvyunit.c, igs009.c, nbmj8688.c, nbmj8891.c, nbmj8900.c, ninjaw.c,
    popobear.c, renegade.c, snk6502.c, usgames.c, videopin.c, wiping.c.

    -sms.c: few corrections to the driver [Enik Land]
    * define the default offset setting for Light Phaser at only one place;
    * add to the smsj the TH input handling that latches the HCounter, because the
    /HL line is connected to the VDP;
    * minor code/comments maintenance.

    -pet_flop.xml: Added SFD-1001 Test/Demo disk. [SPACETAXI]

    -abc80: Fixed VSYNC and de-interleaved the ABCDemo diskette. ABCDemo now runs
    from both cassette and diskette. [Curt Coder]

    -camplynx: Added lower case letters for pasting
    * Added cassette load and save
    * Added TAP cassette support.
    * Most (but not all) programs are working. [Robbbert]

    New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Milton Bradley Lightfight [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Entex Turtles [hap, Kevin Horton]
    Entex Stargate [hap, Kevin Horton]
    Breakout [Couriersud]
    Tamagotchi [hap, Digshadow, Natalie, segher]
    Mini-Boy 7 [Sandro Ronco]
    Race Drivin´ Panorama (prototype, rev 2.1) [David Haywood]
    Player´s Edge Plus (X002297P+XP000053) Jackpot Poker [BrianT, Kevin]
    Golden Tee Fore! [Ted Green]
    Golden Tee Fore! 2002 [Ted Green]
    Golden Tee Fore! 2003 [Ted Green]
    Golden Tee Fore! 2004 [Ted Green]
    Golden Tee Fore! 2005 [Ted Green]
    Golden Tee Fore! Complete [Ted Green]

    New clones added
    Contra (US / Asia, set 3) [system11]
    Olympic Soccer ´92 (set 3) [zozo] (not working)
    Player´s Edge Plus (XMP00030) 5-in-1 Wingboard (CG2451) [BrianT]
    Entex Space Invader (COP400) [hap, Sean Riddle] (not working)

    New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
    Monty Plays Scrabble [Andrew Gardner, Rik]
    Master Monty [Andrew Gardner, Rik]
    Castle Toy Einstein [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Coleco Frogger [hap, Kevin Horton]
    Entex Color Football 4 [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Entex Basketball 2 [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Mattel Funtronics Jacks [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Mattel Funtronics Red Light Green Light [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Milton Bradley Plus One [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Tomy Break Up [hap, Sean Riddle]
    Hot Toppings (English) [Roberto Fresca]
    Leprechaun´s Gold (Spanish) [Roberto Fresca]
    Royal Poker 2 [system11]
    Virtual Pool [The Dumping Union]
    Big Buck Hunter - Shooter´s Challenge [The Dumping Union]
    Big Buck Hunter - Call of the Wild [The Dumping Union]
    Crazy Dou Di Zhu [Guru, bnathan]

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    I noticed and updated my set this morning.

    A fairly small update this time. Roms - 3.39GB and CHDs - 11.7GB to bring the sets up to date. Extras haven't updated yet since 0.160.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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    Extras v161 are available.

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    Great. That wasn't added earlier. Downloading now.

    The new CHDs are seeding well at 2MB/s, so ratio is getting a good boost today.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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