I am a complete idiot when it comes to PC and Amiga that's what happens after years of console gaming.

I have an Amiga A1200 with memory expansion and a CF card already installed with workbench light, the chap I bought it off kindly loaded it with games and demos including Cd32 etc but I hate the way it has been organised with different folders including different games etc then the main folders that appear when you boot up which are games and demos are empty, I also cannot find several games including monkey Island 2.

These are what I would like help with achieving if anyone can guide me it would be appreciated.

1. The folder to drop the WHDload registration files into opens but causes the Amiga to crash.
2. How do I move game files around tried to figure out dopus but couldn't work out how to use it, I ideally would like to move games and demos into the games and Demo folders that appear when booting workbench.
3. How do I add missing games to the CF card while in the amiga.

Thank you in advance.