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    WinUAE v3.1.0 Betas

    And we continue already with updating:

    Beta 1:

    Lowered disk motor startup delay, more closer match with real hardware (at least matches some random drive in my A500)
    Memwatch points in KS ROM address space crashed during reset. (Wrong ROM mirror selection)
    A4000T NCR SCSI data bus width become 16-bit in cycle-exact mode. Caused write triggerable registers to start operation before full 32-bit value was written.
    Memwatch points didnīt work in ROM addresses.
    CPU HALT state caused infinite loop in some configurations.
    2900b16 68040 MMU MOVEM stack frame update was incorrect. (NetBSD crash, probably other Unix-likes too)
    Some 68000 MOVE variants seem to sample interrupt lines before writes and some after writes. Added special case for one variant, allows Made in Croatia / Binary to work in cycle-exact mode. Need more testing later, there does not seem to be any pattern.
    Last line sometimes flickered with random colors in "Double, fields/+" non-interlaced mode.
    RTG mode screenshots in 16-bit host color depth mode had wrong colors.
    Non-cycle exact modes with display vertical diw open but bitplane DMA disabled: in some situations display was corrupted or shifted. (Gloom AGA, Worms Directors Cut title screens)
    Directory filesystem exnext packet update didnīt always work correctly if file was deleted during directory enumeration. (Which is technically illegal but it accidentally worked with OFS/FFS and become a feature..)
    Autoconfig space was not unmapped after it finished, broke during previous autoconfig rewrite.
    GUI didnīt allow selection of custom SCSI ROM file.
    Completely rewritten CPU idle function, max CPU idle setting should now work without any slowdown side-effects, also lowest CPU idle state should be less than 10%. Please test.
    Last line is not special if A1000 Agnus. I was expecting this result when I noticed that A1000 sprite behavior is different in last line vs later Agnus models. A1000 Agnus: all visible lines are normal, later revisions: last line inhibits bitplane and sprite DMA. Real A1000 confirmed. I think this is last A1000 vs later Agnus revision undocumented difference.
    Small sprite update, only writes to SPRxCTL disarms sprite (I had special case for first DMA write to SPRxPOS too, only because it worked around another old bug..). Now OCS Agnus + ECS Denise + KS3.1 combination mouse cursor sprite corruption is 100% correct.
    On the fly media insertions are now serialized and only processed when Windows PnP manager reports idle state (Media mounting works even if it causes "installing drivers" phase) and multiple simultaneous media insertions also work reliably now (for example USB reader connected with multiple cards already inserted)
    First on the fly inserted device name becomes RDH0:, second RDH1: and so on. Previously number was next available directory filesystem unit number.
    Delay enumeration of inserted/removed input devices by 2 seconds. One removal or insertion can cause multiple device events (which is harmless but sometimes annoying)
    Picasso IV autoconfig missed special case, other boards are 16M in Z3 mode but PIV is 32M. Fixes incorrect address alignment if Z3 fast RAM is also enabled and size is less than 32M. (OS4 black screen hang)
    Picasso IV byteswap VRAM space didnīt handle byte reads or writes correctly, only words and longs worked. (OS4 1024*768*16 screen mode glitches, possibly also other 16 bit modes)

    New hardware emulated:

    GVP SCSI Series I and II hardware emulation (WD33C93), HC+8 board. v3.15 and v4.15 boot ROMs added to ROM scanner (gvpscsi.device). GVP SCSI enabled + Z2 fast RAM: use GVP Z2 fast ram autoconfig ID.
    DKB 1230/1240 accelerator board + SCSI emulation (FAS246 which appears to be compatible with 53C94/FAS216). SCSI is non-DMA (dkbscsi.device). v1.23 ROM added to ROM scanner. RAM not emulated, no idea about address space.
    Fusion Forty accelerator board emulation. It has interesting menu and graphics in boot ROM, press right mouse button when booting. v3.4 ROM images added to ROM scanner. RAM expansion emulated.
    Toccata Z2 sound card emulation.

    Toccata hardware features emulated:

    Mono and stereo channel modes.
    8-bit and 16-bit linear PCM. Companded (ulaw/alaw) modes are not supported.
    Left and right output channel volume control and mute.
    All AD1848 supported output frequencies.
    Output only. Input channels are not supported.

    Technical details:

    Has 1024x9bit FIFO chip, one for output and one for input.
    No DMA. Uses level 6 interrupt to fill FIFO, 512 bytes/interrupt. Interrupt triggers when FIFO has 512 bytes or less
    data available. (Which makes about 7 interrupts/frame at 44100Hz/16bit/stereo)


    Different implementation than uae ahi and CD audio. Audio goes to Paula emulation backend (after Paula 8 to 16-bit conversions and filters). Very good latency but glitches are possible if configured buffer size is too small or not enough CPU power available (just like with Paula audio). Toccata emulation should be usable for (game) sound effects too, not just for music.
    Because it uses Paula audio path, Toccata audio is included with sound recording. Same method may be used with CD audio in future. (Possibly optionally).
    It is best to set same sample rate in both AHI and UAE sound settings to reduce possible resampling artifacts.
    Does any DMA capable simple sound cards exist? (Simple = basic CODEC chip only, no DSP chip)

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    Beta 2 & 3:


    fixed crash when mount fat formatted CF card HDF as CF0: using PCMCIA IDE

    Beta 3:

    Bitplane DMA sequencer emulation rewritten yet again to again match better with real hardware behavior. DDFSTRT and DDFSTOP seems to use hidden counter that counts 4 cycles ahead of real hpos counter. When DDFSTRT matches, next 4 cycles appears to be idle (probably used to init and fill some bitplane dma sequencer shift register?) and after this delay DMA starts normally. Same for stop. Now programs that write to DDFSTRT or DDFSTOP just before, exactly in same cycle or just after it should match now just work without any extra hacks. (Some kind of 4 stage shift register would also explain why changing number of bitplanes by writing to BPLCON0 mid-line always take effect after exactly 4 cycle delay) Can break anything as usual! Correctly breaks SCX_CoolSpot1.adfīs intro on ECS Agnus configurations
    512k chip + 512k slow ram + ECS Agnus chip mirroring didnīt set slow ram bank with "no memory allocated" flag, could have caused crashes when it was attempted to be freed.
    OCS Agnus 512k chip + 512k+ slow and 1M/0.5+0.5 advanced chipset checkbox checked: move slow ram start at $080000.
    68000 bus error and address error exception stack frameīs first word undocumented bits 6 to 15 seem to contain opcode of faulted instruction. (from Hatari)
    IDE/ATAPI emulation decoupled from Gayle emulation and moved to separate source file.
    Added GVP A3001 board with IDE. Apparently Series I and II have different hardware and drivers. (v4 for Series II) Series I IDE emulation seems to be fully working. Non-DMA, gvpat.device, v3.3 added to ROM scanner. Does not byte swap data words but emulation swaps it automatically to keep HDFs compatible with other controllers.
    Added ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED flag to SetThreadExecutionState(), perhaps it keeps screensaver inactive. (ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED seems to only make sure monitor does not switch to power saving mode)
    HAM-E emulation added. Because HAM-E "magic cookie" can be nearly anywhere on screen, enabling HAM-E will slow down emulation (It needs to check nearly all pixels every frame) even when HAM-E mode is not active. "Automatic" setting still only does A2024 and Graffiti detection. DCTV emulation: not going happen without image encoding specs.

    Beta 2:

    Paula audio filter still filtered Toccata audio. Note that stereo separation is after Toccata audio mixing.
    Added "ROM disabled" to GVP SCSI ROM selection.
    GVP SCSI ROM space word reads accessed invalid memory.
    Added Paths panel option to store "saveimages" in same directory as original image file, instead of always saving in saveimages-directory, extension changed to .save_adf to prevent it being visible in directory listings with normal disk image filter type active.
    68030 MMU on the fly off->on switch crashed. (Not that on the fly MMU switching is really supported..)
    WD33C93 Select without ATN command didnīt fully skip message out phase. (AMAX GVP SCSI driver)
    Reading WD33C93 SCSI message in with Transfer Info command is a special case, after it finishes, it does not advance to next state automatically, it must wait for Negate ACK command. (AMAX GVP SCSI driver)
    AMAX rom "dongle" emulation improved floppy drives didnīt work reliably.
    Added AMAX rom image selection to ROM panel SCSI select menu, renamed to SCSI/Boot ROMs.
    Added very simple next opcode word prefetch emulation to 68030 MMU mode, only done when MMU state changes. Fixes programs that first switch on (or off) MMU which also unmaps memory where currently executing code is located and then executes JMP (An).
    Added Toccata recording support, currently only internal hardware emulation is implemented (FIFO and interrupts), returns only zero samples.
    Show also inserted data CD volume id (label) in status bar, strip path from file name.
    Show inserted floppy image filename and label (if OFS/FFS image) in status bar.
    CD image audio can be now mixed with Paula audio, just like Toccata output. CD audio can be finally recorded with internal wave or avi recording support (Requested feature). FPS.Adj also adjusts CD audio speed (and pitch) and CD audio sound sync (For example Liberation CD32 intro) is kept even if emulation slows down. Enable option added to Sound panel (can be switched on the fly but mode only changes when CD audio thread restarts), old method is still the default. Note: when enabled, Paula audio slider becomes master volume for CD audio.
    CD32 FMV also supports new audio mixing mode. FPS.Adj not supported yet.

    Remember that the less m68k Amiga-like (and/or less interesting to me, usually it is "and") some nice to have (To you) emulation feature is the more support is needed: docs, specs, testing help, reasons why it would be good idea, donations (hardware/money/whatever) and so on.

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    Next ones:

    Beta 6:

    b5 input device update fix, changing to any keyboard layout didnīt reset "remembered" device name.
    Cycle at DDFSTRT-1 was sometimes incorrectly unavailable for blitter. (b5)
    In some rare situations blitter stole cycle(s) from copper.
    Pre-calculated end position of scanline was incorrect in some situations causing incorrect bitplane vs other DMA cycle allocation (b5)
    If RawInput didnīt find any game controller HID devices and command line didnīt have any forced HID parameters, always try again when new device is inserted instead of disabling HID support completely and falling back to DirectInput. RawInput and DirectInput device identifiers are different and wrong device may have been selected in some situations.
    Master volume is now real master volume control. Paula, CD and AHI are sub-volume controls.
    Toccata Paula (AUX2 input) volume control implemented. Not tested.
    GVP SCSI without ROM didnīt set any autoconfig data.
    Fastlane (and possibly some other Z3 SCSI boards) didnīt autoconfigure if Z3 autoconfig space was disabled.

    Beta 5:

    Fixed ESP SCSI DMA emulation bug I introduced when non-DMA mode support was added (Original code from QEMU was DMA-only)
    Nordic Power v3.2 and Pro Access v2.17 (early version of cartridge that become Action Replay 1) support added.
    Some chipset emulation tweaks. Strange bitplane DMA on/off mid scanline behavior now emulated, not sure if exactly right yet. Also some strange OCS/ECS differences tweaked. Should be mostly finished now. Iīll post more details later.
    Some tweaks to writing to BPLxPT 1 cycle before BPL DMA fetches same bitplane. Nakudemo / Vision-X ECS only corruption is now correct (and also looks much worse than previously).
    GVP SCSI WD33C93 transfer info command with DMA enabled was not working.
    Compressed flashable rom images didnīt unpack automatically. Flash modifications are not saved if using compressed image.
    Remember original input device name when loading config and input device is not currently available. If/when input device gets connected, device is automatically inserted in to originally configured port. Remembered name is "forgotten" when input device is manually changed in GUI or if autoswitching is used.

    Beta 4:

    HAM-E images updated only every other line in doubled modes.
    Graffiti didnīt sync correctly if config was not AGA.
    Restart button crashed if hardware RTG was enabled.
    PCMCIA IDE didnīt work anymore (b2)
    .pkd file extension inside archive wasnīt autodetected.
    Disk/CD insert status message file name was shown as "null" if file was inside archive root.
    HD and tape SCSI emulation unsupported LUN sense data was overwritten with default ILLEGAL FIELD IN CDB sense data.
    CD SCSI emulator didnīt check for non-zero LUNs.
    Return SCSI-1 HD inquiry data only if A590/A2091.
    Show also REQUEST SENSE command and data if scsi emulation logging is enabled.
    68000 prefetch mode DIVS/DIVU timing update didnīt work, always returned 4 cycles due to missing parenthesis.
    Switching chip ram and/or slow ram size usually crashed after reset if ECS Agnus was selected.
    Some very old statefiles had Z2 fast ram with zeroed autoconfig address, added workaround (broke during 2.9 betas)
    Added fl or fl and fc break points to debugger.
    Z3 space memory mapping was not initialized if only non-RAM/VRAM Z3 expansions are configured.
    Clock sync feature update, previously only 50Hz CIA-A TOD rate was fully accurate.
    Load CDTV/CD32 state file, load other state file: CDTV/CD32 CD was still mounted.
    Yet another bitplane DMA sequencer emulation rewrite and cleanups. Still some bitplane DMA on/off switch edge cases remaining Switch on bitplane DMA near end the scanline: following line starts DMA for one "block" only, next line works normally. This needs more real hardware testing to find exact conditions.
    Source cleanup, moved all kinds of device init/free/interrupt check codes to common file from non-related source files.
    Added name to UAE Boot ROM DiagArea. (May be visible in some system info/diagnostics software)
    HALT status was not cleared when loading new state file.

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    Beta 7:

    Beta 7:

    Fixed infinite recursion (and stack overflow) when pause when uncaptered is enabled and display mode changes.
    Added AlfaPower/AT-BUS 508/2008/AlfaPower Plus IDE controller.
    Very simple low level SCSI emulator added to support Apollo software bit-banging SCSI.
    Added Apollo IDE/SCSI board (AT500/AT2008) and Apollo 1240/1260 accelerator boards with SCSI.
    Added GVP Series I SCSI controller.
    Added GVP A530 accelerator. Uses same boot ROM as GVP Series II SCSI controllers. (Uses GVP #2 SCSI slot)
    Added Masoboshi MC-702 IDE+SCSI controller.
    Toccata CD audio (AUX1) volume control added.
    Another Restart related crash fix.
    Added "framecounter" float shader variable.
    Paths panel Save All button now creates zip file that contains winuaebootlog.txt, winuaelog.txt and config file.
    Quickstart A1200 + accelerator board, A500+ and A600 with expansion never had RTC. (Wrong order of functions..)
    Possible clock sync option small stability improvement.
    Fixed memory corruption if directory harddrive with empty name was selected.

    SCSI/IDE controller notes:

    GVP Series I:

    Not true DMA, DMA transfers from WD to/from onboard SRAM buffer. CPU needed to read/write buffer ram.
    Driver (scsidev.device) is very old and has (many?) limits, for example only OFS and FFS partitions mount correctly.

    AlfaPower/AT-Bus 508/2008/AlfaPower Plus:

    AlfaPower: no hardware interrupt (!!), AlfaPower Plus implements interrupt support.
    v6.10 ROM (Last that works with non-Plus hardware?) and v8.3 that requires Plus.


    All Apollo variants seems to have identical SCSI hardware. (Accelerators and 500/2000)
    SCSI is working. IDE is not fully tested, only AT500/AT2000 have full IDE driver. For some reason Apollo 1240/1260 driver still have short "is there any IDE drives" detection code remaining.
    "Software" SCSI, hardware can only do bus arbitration in hardware, everything else is done by bit-banging SCSI IO lines. Both SCSI and IDE also use non-DMA data transfers.
    128k Apollo ROMs (68060 f00000 ROM code and SCSI driver) are currrently supported. Non-accelerator (AT500/AT2000) ROMs donīt seem to be available = canīt test IDE emulation.
    128k v5.60 ROM added. Seems to be last 1240/1260 ROM with SCSI.


    Unusual design, SCSI supports both PIO and DMA, software selectable.
    IDE and SCSI (sort of) in non-DMA mode working.
    SCSI writes are not working correctly, do not use! DMA controller not yet emulated.
    "2.201" (device version) boot ROM added. ROM image does not have any version numbers or dates.
    IDE driver uses CHS addressing and seems to have problems with 2G drives, actual limit may be smaller. It tries to access first unavailable block number at the end of drive. (Driver flashes red background color if drive returns error status)

    Most popular SCSI and IDE controllers are now implemented.

    Remaining IDE boards that Iīd like to support:

    Roctec RocHard (Need boot ROM)
    AdIDE 40/44 (Need boot ROM)
    Remaining SCSI boards are 5380/53c80 based boards that need chip emulation first:
    All SupraDrives.
    Trumpcard 500/2000

    Perhaps others too. As long as at least one boot ROM is found for unsupported boards.

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    Beta 8,9,10 & 11:

    Beta 9:

    Fixed harddrive config parse crash. (bCool
    Blizzard SCSI Kit was always enabled if compatible accelerator board was selected. (bCool
    Accelerator board with SCSI and "IDE (auto)": HD was mounted as accelerator SCSI. (bCool
    Accelerator board ROM selection is not anymore in SCSI/Boot ROM list.
    Added autoboot disabled jumper option to harddrive controllers. Not all devices supported yet. (Some only hardware disable rom chip, some change autoconfig data in hardware level)

    Beta 8:

    53c710 software reset bit emulated.
    Cirrus Logic register memory banks should not be marked thread safe.
    Show ī?ī instead of īEī in harddrives list if hdf canīt be opened because of access fault, for example if it is already open and emulation is running and show ī!ī if open failed because of write protection.
    Rewritten expansion board rom handling, expansion data is now fully parametrized, autoconfig emulation and config file handling does not need code changes anymore when new board with boot rom is implemented.
    Secondary IDE/SCSI boards temporarily removed.
    Automatically disable 24-bit CPU addressing if selected accelerator board is 32-bit.
    Existing Blizzard 1230IV/1240/1260+SCSI configurations need adjustment. SCSI Kit configuration has changed.
    Do not initialize tablet if tablet options are not enabled.
    5380/53c80 SCSI chip emulation implemented. Surprisingly basic chip, even Apollo SCSI hardware is more complex, driver needs even more bit-banging than Apollo..
    SupraDrive 500XP (5380) emulation implemented.
    Added GVP G-Force 030 board. Same as GVP A530 but supports more RAM, located at 0x01000000.
    A2620/A2630 accelerator board RAM now adjusts 0x01000000 memory size.
    Fixed GPV Series I autoconfig product id.
    STOP instruction was 2 cycles too fast in 68000 cycle-exact mode.

    NOTE: Accelerator board ROM appears also in SCSI/Boot ROM list. It will be removed later.

    SupraDrive 500XP:

    3.8 ROM (AMAB6) added. (Anyone have AMAB5 or older? Iīd like to know why older versions have so many compatibility problems with modern drives. A2000 WordSync version also accepted.)
    Uses MOVEP in main data transfer loop. (My crystall ball says WordSync version does not...)
    Usual fake DMA, CPU used to transfer data, hardware automatically handles SCSI data handshake.
    Any CPU access to "fake DMA" address space when SCSI chip is not in DMA mode: access never finishes. This is also emulated, causes halt 6 state.

    Beta 11:

    Supra HD autoconfig state was not reset when system was reset.
    68000 bus/address error stack frame I/N bit emulated, added better check for odd stack in exception stack frame writes. Also added helpers for bus error checks for platforms that need it (UAE 68k emulator is also used by Hatari) I donīt know any program (or protection) that uses it but crashing/buggy programs may trigger it.
    Show also currently selected accelerator board in harddrive controller selection.
    Toccata capture support, not tested. Uses WASAPI (=Vista or newer only) and uses Windows default recording device, not configurable yet. First tries to allocate exclusive mode, if it fails, retries with shared mode. Note that only exclusive mode allows configurable sampling frequency, shared uses value set in Windows recording sound control panel.
    Tweaked A590/A2091 DMAC interrupt handling and DMAC-01 DMA transfer counter emulation.
    Added Kupke Golem v3.9 ROM image, not emulated, Golem does not use any SCSI chips, it is very difficult to guess function of each IO address.
    CDTV SCSI works again, broke when A2090 support was added.
    A26x0 J304 jumper emulation fixed. It should not be active anymore after autoconfig io gets enabled.
    Added rare SupraDrive 2000 DMA emulation. Boot ROM are not available, some supra install disks have on-disk loadable driver which has bug in 2000 DMA model specific code that causes it to hang (uses wrong address register, overwrites one inportant byte in interrupt handler code..) Perfect. AMAB6 ROM is selectable in rom select box but it is not compatible with 2000 DMA. (Thanks to mark_k for HD driver disassembling and examination)
    Non-image CD last available block number calculation changed, do not trust geometry Windows returns. (Fixes OS41FE install error)
    Fixed OS41FE RTG graphics mode switch crash. (Check Cirrus Logic VRAM bounds before calling redraw routines, apparently driver first switches mode, then sets new display offset, this can cause temporary out of bounds access in emulation) [Thanks to famous anonymous user for OS41FE donation]

    Beta 10:

    Added hd controller subtype selection.
    A590/A2091: DMAC-01/02 revision selection.
    GVP Series I: all revisions.
    Remaining non-DMA SupraDrives added.
    Masoboshi MC-302 (IDE-only) and MC-702 (IDE+SCSI). Note that only MC-302 is currently working, DMA also not yet supported. (Driver by default uses only PIO)
    Added A2090/A2090a emulation. (Currently shared with A590/A2091, it is not possible to use A2090 and A590/A2091 at the same time)
    Previous supradrive config entry name changed, config reset needed.
    A590/A2091 interrupt handling updates.
    68000 address error stacked PC accuracy improved (MOVEM and NOT, CLR and other single operand instructions)
    Apparently GVP Series I Z2 RAM autoconfig id is 1761/8.
    Accelerator board without IDE and SCSI and SCSI (auto) or IDE (auto) selected: drive was incorrectly reserved for selected accelerator board.
    Reorganized accelerator board handling, built-in HD controller configuration source code special cases removed. ROM selection shows only ROM images compatible with selected accelerator board.
    Added accelerator rom config/jumper options. Currently only map rom for Blizzards (ROM panel MapROM emulation still also selects it) and OSMODE (J304) jumper for A26x0.
    WD33C93 emulation fix, A2630+A2090 Amix installation works.
    "24-bit address space is not supported with selected accelerator board configuration" error even when 24-bit was not enabled.
    Bogus 0x20 68882 stack frame version id removed, both 68881 and 68882 use 0x1f.
    Set/reset accelerator ROM correctly in Quickstart mode.
    Debugger fl was already reserved for listing active break points. Scanline fl renamed to fs.
    Debugger library and device list commands (Td, Tl) shows version, revision, opencount and id string.
    Debugger task list command (Tt) shows signals that task is waiting for and PC where task continues executing when Wait() returns. Also previously it showed extra bogus entry and usually also didnīt show all tasks..
    Added extra prefetch hack for A26x0 ROM off switch code if 68030 MMU is enabled.
    On the fly switching from AGA to non-AGA mode didnīt reset FMODE value.


    Commodoreīs first Amiga harddrive controller and it shows..
    Custom partition table (No RDB), autoboot is supported.
    Very confusing and illogical partitioning system. (No, double clicking "Prep HD" icon wonīt do what you would expect it to do. At least with SCSI-only configuration.)
    34.4 boot ROM added.
    At least 34.4 has broken format routine (few absolute addresses are not relocated correctly in rom code) for SCSI drives. Disable boot ROM and use binddrivers mounting when running prep-program as a workaround.
    ST-506 parts not emulated.

    GVP Series I:

    Impact A2000-1/X (Autoconfig Product number 1)
    Impact A2000-HC (Product 2)
    Impact A2000-HC+2 (Product 3)
    Nearly identical hardware. Different SRAM buffer size and SRAM address offset.
    Early partition software created incompatible RDB blocks. (For example checksum fields are zeroed)
    v1.0 (1.16 driver version) ROM added.


    A500 ByteSync/XP (was already supported since bCool
    2000 WordSync
    A500 Autoboot
    4x4 (Non autoboot). Clock chip not yet emulated.
    Supra AMABx ROMs support all above models.
    All Supradrives except very rare 2000 DMA (which apparently had bad DMA implementation and uses very different driver) are now emulated.

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    New betas:

    Beta 13:

    Mainboard SCSI controllers didnīt initialize correctly (A3000/A4000T/CDTV) (b12)
    "Do not force full display reset.." update made it worse, should be better now (b12)
    I finally bothered to carefully re-examine AR3 freezer behavior, emulation updated, should now match real hardware, previously unsupported features like autofire work.
    If copper DMA is switched off mid-instruction, allow instruction to finish. Fixes AR2 weird copper list detection code.
    Added RDB mode HD geometry GUI support. (RDB mode geometry option = what IDE Identify Device and SCSI MODE SENSE Format Parameters/Rigid Disk Geometry returns). Very old controllers may require custom geometry.
    Added HD/CF IDE harddrive GUI option. Currently only difference is in IDE Identify Device word 0 identifier. (Cause for infamous hdtoolbox "Unit is not a disk (Type 7)" error)
    Added GUI IDE and SCSI version selection to hardfile panel. IDE has ATA-1, ATA-2+ (old default, returns ATA-6 to allow LBA48 support and more) and ATA-2+ Strict which drops ATA-1 feature that become optional in ATA-2, triggering A600/A1200/A4000 IDE driver bug that causes infamous "max transfer bug". (No, it isnīt drive bug) SCSI has SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 options. Currently only real difference is INQUIRY version number, some old software (like original A590/A2091 install disk) require SCSI-1 version.
    Added Archos ADD-500 emulation.
    Added AdSCSI Advantage 2000 emulation.
    Internal enforcer emulation hit can break to debugger, enable/disable with īfenī debugger command.
    SCSI Read Defect Data command: return empty defect header instead of Defect List Not Found error. (ADD-500 driver gets confused if Read Defect Data command does not return any data)
    WD33C93 SCSI devices didnīt support multiple units (b12)
    Added hack that fixes max overscan scrolling in demo Seven Seas / Andromeda. (Demo has workaround for chipset bug that causes right edge to have a vertical gap if BPLCON1 is larger than zero. Hack is currently needed because glitch happens when hpos=0 and emulation is not designed to handle bitplane changes that cross virtual scanlines). Glitch was not emulated until few versions ago, demo worked only accidentally previously.
    Added Windows 10 TP bug workaround, for some reason dialog window is visible before WM_INITDIALOG message (documentation specifically says it wonīt be visible until after WM_INITDIALOG) and also dialog is set as not visible. Fixes quickly appearing and disappering empty WinUAE GUI panel each time GUI is opened.

    AdSCSI Advantage 2000:

    5380 based fake DMA.
    First 5380 based driver that uses chipīs arbitrate bit instead of assuming AdSCSI is the only initiator.
    1.6 ROM added. (Anyone have later? At least 1.9 exists)
    RDB parser is not fully compatible, does not load all filesystems (for example PFS3).

    Archos ADD-500:

    Yet another 5380 based fake DMA SCSI controller.
    v1.21 ROM added.

    Beta 12:

    Do not force full display reset when switching to/from programmed mode and autoresolution is active and mode is D3D. (D3D can switch display buffer size without closing existing window)
    Added config file option to force UAE boot ROM active even if current configuration does not need it. boot_rom_uae=automatic/disabled/min/full. automatic (or line not included)=normal default, disabled=always disabled (all features that require uae boot rom stop working), min=only add old-style $F0FFxx traps).
    Serial port emulation (if connected to real serial port) lost characters if transmit speed was fast enough. Broken since 2810b4.
    Raw SCSI emulation improvements and updates.
    WD33C93 emulation didnīt allow use of select and transfer to split single transfer in multiple pieces.
    Kupke Golem SCSI emulation.
    Microbotics A1000 StarBoard 2 StarDrive SCSI expansion board emulation.
    J.Kommos A500 SCSI emulation, 1.8 rom added.
    Vector Falcon 8000 emulation. ROM created from disk based driver.
    M-Tec AT 500 emulation.
    Protar A500 HD emulation.
    Added AdIDE 40/44 emulation.
    Masoboshi SCSI read access works again, writes are still broken. (Driver is strange, it uses code path that simply canīt work, writes 16 extra bytes. There is another code path that looks correct but there are lots of unknown variables that are set here and there..)
    Kupke Golem 030 A500 accelerator and boot rom added ("68030 Autoconfig (17-FEB-91) V1.0 ET")
    Added manufacturer names to HD controller selection.
    Reorganized internal accelerator board handling.
    GVP Series I ROM and buffer RAM mirrors now 100% match real hardware.
    Memwatch points didnīt work with autoconfig address bank.
    Refactored expansion board handling yet again, multiple identical boards are supported again.
    Added GUI support for multiple identical HD controller boards. Current max is 4 boards.
    Selecting some accelerator ROM file (for example CS MK I and II) also added it to cart rom file.
    Show only mainboard HD controllers and enabled (ROM selected) expansion controllers in HD controller selection list. (CDTV and some others are not yet hidden, much more work to do, later..)
    Added "Velvet" A1000 prototype to chipset selection. Floppy IO lines are not hooked to CIA chips correctly, probably lots of other minor changes that are not known yet are not emulated.
    Show floppy imageīs original file name in status bar even if file needed decompression or converting.

    Microbotics StarDrive SCSI:

    A1000 StarBoard 2 RAM expansion optional HD controller module.
    Text based partitioning software.
    5380 based, no autoboot ROM, no RDB support.
    Clock not emulated.

    M-Tec AT 500:

    1.33 ROM added. "mtec-at500.device mtec-at500 1.33w (08 July 1993)"
    "(c) Hardware Design Udo Neuroth, Bottrop, Dieter Niewerth, 1992 1993"


    68000 socket.
    Uses custom data bit swapping (drive partitioned with AdIDE wonīt work in any other IDE controller and vice versa), emulation will automatically read/write non-swapped data.
    Uses RDB but does not seem to be fully compatible, other controller partitioned drives donīt mount.
    ROM was software dumped, real chip probably has swapped address or data lines similar to IDE data lines.

    Kupke Golem SCSI:

    Fake dma interface.
    Tested with 3.8 and 3.9 drivers. 3.9 rom added.

    Protar A500 HD:

    ROM only has small loader code, loads driver from HD. (If drive is unformatted, press mouse button to boot from floppy)
    8490 chip (improved version of 5380). 8490 extra features not emulated, at least Protar driver does not use them.
    ROM added, unknown version. There probably is later version because only 1.4 (1.x?) boot disks detect the hardware.

    J.Kommos A500 SCSI:

    Strange non-autoconfig autobooting HD controller, uses cartridge ROM space.
    Byte-based fake dma.
    Boot HD detection screen.
    Not RDB compatible.
    ROM includes 36.3 FastFileSystem handler.
    jkscsi.device, "Autoboot SCSI-HardDisk By J.Kommos Date: 25.07.1990".

    Vector Falcon 8000:

    Improved version of Kommos SCSI.
    More or less functionally same as Kommos but most glue TTL chips and GALs put in single FPGA-like chip.
    Long word/word based fake DMA.
    More colorful boot HD detection screen.
    vector.device. "Autoconfig 16 Bit SCSI + CD-ROM Driver (Đ) by J.Kommos V7.1 - 11.08.1993"
    ROM includes CD ROM filesystem.
    Bad filesystem loader: must be single hunk, only loads filesystems if KS 1.3, ignores all relocation hunks.

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    Betas 14-17:

    Beta 17:

    - Restrict GUI IDE units to 2 if device is single port and without IDE doubler support.
    - Added recursive ROM scan option to Paths panel. Currently restricted to 2 directory levels.
    - HAM-E Plus average pixel calculation bug fixed in hires mode.
    - "Direct" serial mode and Amiga serial receive buffer is full and program does not clear buffered byte before new byte arrives (uses emulated serial speed): keep waiting until program reads the buffered byte. Previously it was possible to lose received characters in some situations.
    - Windows 10 TP hack (b13) removed, build 10061 fixed it. RIM_TYPEHID RawInput bug is also fixed in 10061.
    - VGA autoresolution hiressuperhires switch was unreliable, it didnīt set internal "config changed" variable.
    - If DirectInput device acquire call fails 10 times, ignore the device and stop error logging until all devices needs to be re-acquired (for example focus is lost and regained or GUI is entered and exited)
    - Entering ROM panel possible crash fixed.
    - Newtronic Technologies Video DAC 18 RGB port video adapter emulation. (Format encoding information by mark_k)
    - If programmable hsync or vsync enabled with out of range values: syncs stop, stop also CIA-A (if vsync timed) and/or CIA-B TOD counting.
    - Archos AVideo 12 emulation. Denise adapter, not AGA compatible, canīt be AGA compatible even in emulation due to custom chipset register conflict. (Information by mark_k)
    - FBcc and FDBcc FPU instruction didnīt work correctly in more compatible or cycle-exact modes.
    - Negative boot priority value was parsed incorrectly when loading config file. Broken when manual HDF geometry support was added
    - If system has built-in touch screen (for example Intel based Windows 8.1 tablet), >3s touch in top/left corner will open GUI. Added because previously it was impossible to enter GUI without external keyboard. Quick hack only, real touch support may or may not be implemented in future.
    - Made "Double, fields" default for interlace mode.
    - Added partial 53C400 SCSI chip emulation (53C400 = 53C80 + integrated buffered "fake" dma support + some PC single chip SCSI integration/compatibility features)
    - Added Roctec RocHard RH800C SCSI emulation (53C400). Emulation is based on boot disk SCSI format utility behavior, for some reason disk loadable driver wonīt automount SCSI disks. v2.0 ROM is still MIA. IDE-only (SCSI chip not installed) and IDE+SCSI board subtypes added.
    - Generate DSKSYN interrupt if DSKSYNC matches zero when DMA is started but before any bits gets transferred. Jukebox 2 / Dreamdealers accidentally (wrong INTREQR bit checked) requires it.

    Beta 16:

    - Automatic resize used horizontal zoom value for both horizontal and vertical.
    - Replaced half-integer scaling options with separate select menu with 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 scaling options.
    - Paths panel portable mode checkbox now switches between modes. NOTE: currently old data is not copied but created from scratch. Switching off portable mode automatically deletes winuae.ini. Switching on portable mode does not delete registry data.
    - Graffiti/HAM-E mode switch does not anymore change display position.
    - Added HAM-E Plus emulation. (Probably not correct implemention, currently uses simple average calculation to create extra pixel between each "normal" HAM-E pixel)
    - Added separate waiting for connection TCP serial option. Old option does not wait anymore.
    - Fixed 7-bit serial bytes in serial logging/TCP modes (Stop bit=bit7 was not cleared)
    - Added Roctec RocHard RH800C emulation. rtidedisk.device, 1.0 ROM added which is IDE-only. First port is IDE unit 0, second port is IDE unit 2. Ports are not shared and master-only. (Anyone have v2.0?)

    Beta 15:

    - Map only upper half of ROM image if GVP Series II ROM is 32k.
    - HD controller ROM loader duplicate code removal from HD controller specific code.
    - Accelerator board HD controller hardware was not added to emulation if boardīs boot ROM was missing. (b12)
    - Added DKB 12x0 accelerator on-board RAM support. 1M and 2M size are not supported, address mapping is not completely emulated.
    - Floppy sound volume mixing fixed (b14).
    - Oktagon 2008 didnīt have autoboot disable option.
    - Only keep high Windows timer resolution mode active when emulation is running.
    - Added Seek (6) and (10) SCSI commands to HD SCSI emulator, only checks for valid LBA.
    - VGA modes had inverted TV/VGA aspect ratio setting. (Probably not completely correct yet)
    - Added configurable blanking borders. GUI adjustment hacked to Filter panel, "Overscan blanking" setting. When "Overscan blanking" is selected, filter mode is always none. First slider adjusts horizontal start, second = horizontal end, third = vertical start, fourth = vertical end. Values are always in superhires (horizontal) and interlaced (vertical) coordinates. Zero = disabled. Currently display is only updated with new values after returning to emulation and GUI text elements are not changed.

    Beta 14:

    - Show selected accelerator board and HD controller name(s) in log lines.
    - GVP Series I and II HD controllers can now be active at the same time.
    - Added SCSI controller ID selection (only AdSCSI and A4091 supported so far)
    - Mark HD controllers with * if it is enabled, becomes [x] if more than 1 controller is active.
    - Fixed referencing to already freed SCSI/IDE HD controller context structure after reset/restart (b12)
    - Added SupraDrive AMAB3, AMAB4 and AMAB5 ROMs.
    - NCR539x based SCSI controllers always accessed unit 0.
    - Added emulation of edge case when SPRxPOS or SPRxCTL vertical position is updated at the last available dma slot at the end of scanline. Next lineīs vertical comparison will match just before this position, in other words, if old value would match in next line and new value does not anymore, comparison match still happens. Fixes Arc Ed / United Forces missing sprite scroller.
    - Added half-integer scaling option. (*0.5, *1.0, *1.5 and so on)
    - New Velvet prototype difference found: both CIAs generate level 2 interrupt. Now Velvet tries to boot from disk, reads and executes boot block code if disk has correct bootblock which is different than release AmigaOS bootblock. MFM level format seems to be identical. Unfortunately, at least so far, no original Velvet floppy disks have been found and for some reason real hardware refuses to read any disks.
    - If -seriallog is enabled, console log window also listens for key codes and sends them to emulated serial port. Very basic console emulator, enables quick use of Velvet ROM built-in serial debugger.
    - Added "Any floppy drive" option to keyboard led configuration.
    - Floppy sound volume control is not global anymore. Empty and disk in drive states also have separate volume settings. (Upper volume slider = drive empty, lower slider = disk in drive)
    - Added fullscreen GUI option to misc panel. Opens GUI in max size, possibly useful with low resolution devices and/or small Windows tablets.
    - Z3 autoconfig in "UAE" mode didnīt work correctly with hardware RTG boards (b4)

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    Beta 20:

    - Drive sound noise fixed. (b19)
    - FireCracker 24 6-bit (R2G2B2) overlay fully emulated.
    - Video-only recording is now possible. (Audio codec can be disabled by canceling audio dialog)
    - Chip RAM mirroring disappeared in b3.
    - Do not crash if on the fly switching from non-uae boot rom config to boot rom config.
    - Bus error emulation in non-MMU mode (not really Amiga specific) didnīt call do_specialties() correctly.

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    Beta 21 (RC1):

    Beta 21: (RC1)

    - b17 DSKSYNC update should not have started DMA in WORDSYNC mode.
    - Moved A590/A2091 ram autoconfig board after HD board. A2091 install disk RAM tester expects it. (Some other boards may also have wrong HD/Fast RAM board order)
    - Debugger deep trainer "not modified" condition fixed.
    - AROS ROM updated.
    Beta 22 (RC2):

    Beta 22: (RC2)

    - In some rare situatations both "HARD_DDF_STOP" and "plf_passed_stop" test conditions incorrectly passed in single fetch block. Only happened when DDFSTRT/DDFSTOP value pair caused bitplane dma overrun so result was different corrupted display. (Plastic Passion / Upfront plasma part with OCS Agnus)
    - BPL DMA pointer modified one cycle before same channelīs BPLxDAT gets accessed behavior adjusted. (Powertrax / The Light Circle)
    - Archos ADD-500 is also confirmed having fast ram autoconfig board after HD controller.

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